Federal Crowdsourcing and Citizen Science Catalog Project Submission Form
Please fill out the Project Information, Location information, and Project Information sections completely to submit a new project.  A few notes:
* Projects must be conducted by or have support (funding or in-kind support) from at least one U.S. federal agency;
* Please be sure your project is not already in the Catalog before you submit (email CCSProjects@gsa.gov if you would like to edit an existing project);
* Be aware each project submission needs to be verified by the appropriate Agency Crowdsourcing and Citizen Science Coordinator before it will appear online in the catalog; and
* Contact citizenscience@gsa.gov if you have any questions about submission.
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Project Information
Project Name - use the commonly accepted name. *
Project Description - 2-3 sentence summary of the project mission. *
Project Goals - In one sentence  (less than 50 words), describe what your project is aiming to accomplish. Please make this distinct from what you entered in the Project Description field above. *
URL for project website or information  (please include full URL, including https://) - leave this field blank if there is no project link.
Project Start Date - if you are uncertain of the date, enter "01" for the day and estimate the month and year. *
Fields of Science (check all that apply): *
Keywords - In addition to the Fields of Science above, please enter UP TO THREE keywords, separated by a comma, that will help online users find your project when searching for key aspects. (NOTE: Do note include words that already appear in the 'Project Description' or other fields as those will be included in a search.)
Project Status: *
Recruiting Volunteers: *
Main Federal Government Sponsor(s) (check all that apply): *
Federal Government Sponsor not Otherwise Listed.
Geographic Scope - please succinctly describe where your project occurs; be descriptive (e.g. "Southern Nebraska" instead of "Local"). *
Participant Age - check all that apply to your project:
Participation Tasks (check all that apply): *
Advertise on SciStarter? - Clicking 'yes' serves as an opt-in for us to share your project information with SciStarter.org for listing in their inventory of projects. This will aid potential volunteers in locating and learning about your project, Note: GSA offers this opportunity through a collaboration with SciStarter but does not specifically endorse SciStarter. The listing for your project on SciStarter will be governed by their terms and conditions and by clicking "Yes" you agree not to hold GSA responsible. *
Please email an image that you would like to represent your project to CCSProjects@gsa.gov.  This image can be a logo, a photo of participants in action, etc. Please make the subject of the email: "Image for {name of your project}". In the body of the email please include: 1) a caption, 2) a photo credit, and 3) assurance we can share the image publicly (e.g, your agency has creative commons license and photo release forms, if needed due to recognizable faces, on file). Will you be emailing an image? *
What social media handles does your project use? Note: Please provide the handle(s) and/or hashtags and the social media platform it is on (e.g., "@FedCitSci on Twitter"). Please state "None" if your project does not have any social media handles. *
Does the project offer or use a smartphone app? *
If you answered 'yes' to the question above about having a smartphone app, what is name of the app and the URL(s) for where it can be downloaded (please include full URL, including https://)?
Are data resulting from your project publicly accessible? *
If you answered 'yes' to the question above about data being publicly available, what is the URL(s) from which they can be accessed (please include full URL, including https://)?
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