Reading Charts for Information
#This kind of picture is called a bar chart. This one tells us which sports
children like.
#Look at the bottom line and tell your friend which sports are mentioned.
#Look at the numbers up the left side of the chart and say what numbers
are mentioned.
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DBE Grade 4 English/ Mathematics
1. Which sport has the most participants? *
1 point
2. Which sport has the least number of participants? *
1 point
3. How many children like soccer? *
1 point
4. How many children like netball? *
1 point
5. How many children like swimming? *
1 point
6. How many children like running? *
1 point
7. Write five sentences about your favourite sport. It could be a sport that you like watching or it could be one that you play. Don't forget to mention why you enjoy this sport so much. *
8. How many more children enjoyed soccer than swimming? *
1 point
9. How many more children enjoyed soccer than running? *
1 point
10. How many chidren enjoyed soccer or netball in total? *
2 points
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