This webinar will try to shine a light on some of the main concerns when it comes to Intellectual Property (IP) protection and valorization in SOFTWARE.

I have a SOFTWARE based invention/project…can I protect it? Should I try to patent my SOFTWARE? Is there any alternative to protect it? What happens if my project is based on OPEN-SOURCE SOFTWARE? These questions and the corresponding answers can have a significant impact not only on IP protection strategy of software-based inventions, but also for the creation and development of technology-based companies’ value proposition.

The seminar will focus on the introduction of the different strategies that can be addressed in order to protect SOFTWARE through the experience of specialized IP/Software professionals. We will also be able to talk about SOFTWARE and ENTREPRENEURSHIP with Mitiga Solutions and Nearby Computing, two Barcelona-based start-ups that are re-defining data management for natural hazards and smart industries/cities with their software-based solutions.
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