Application for Inter-District Student Transfer Miami Independent School School District 
Miami ISD Administration screens applications for inter-district transfers. Except as mandated under Civil Order 5281, the acceptance or rejection of a student transfer shall not be made with regards to race, religion, color, sex, disability, or national origin. As a part of this screening process, applicants can expect the administration to do the following:

     1. Meet with the parent(s) / Guardian and student regarding the potential student's school history and    records.
     2. Consider heavily the potential  student's grade's, test scores, attendance, and discipline at his/her previous school.  
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Parent Name *
Student's Name *
Student's Social Security Number *
Student's Date of Birth *
Student's Racial Group (select one)

(This information shall be used solely for determining district compliance with Civil Order 5281)
Home Address  *
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Parent Cell Phone Number *
Parent Work Number
School District you live in. *
School District and campus currently enrolled in. *
School District enrolled in last year. *
What grade will your child need to be enrolled in if accepted? *
(1) Has student attended school regularly in previous district(s)  
If no Please explain.
(2) Is student currently in good academic standing in previous district? *
(3) Has student been assigned to a Disciplinary Alternative Education Program or In-School suspension (ISS) within the past three years?  *
If "yes," please explain
(4) How many times has your student changed school within the past three years *
(5) List the activities your student participates in and outside of school? *
(6) What is your student's favorite thing about school? *
(7) If applicable, provide student's driver's license #
(8) Please select one of the following. 

*If your child has an IEP under Special Education or has a 504 plan, please provide a copy of that plan to Miami ISD. (To make sure we can match his/her current service.)
(9) I complete understand that if my child is permitted to attend MISD as a transfer student, I will be required to execute an Agreement for Inter-District Student Transfers and that such Agreement is only valid through the end of this school year. (Please Initial)  *
(10) I completely understand that if my student is permitted to attend MISD and subsequently becomes a discipline problem, his/her grades fall below Miami ISD standards, is habitually absent, or violates any provision of the Agreement for Inter-District Student Transfers, he/she may be involuntarily withdrawn by school officials from enrollment in Miami ISD and I must enroll the student in some other school immediately. (Please Initial) *
(11) I hereby attest that the information provided in this application for inter-district transfer is accurate and truthful, and I completely understand that if my student is permitted to attend MISD as a transfer student and the administration of the District discovers that any information herein provided is not accurate or truthful, his/her transfer may be revoked and he/she will be immediately involuntarily withdrawn from MISD. (Please initial) *
PLEASE NOTE: For approval of transfer of transfer into Miami Independent School District, the following documentation must be provided immediately: (Please check all to indicate you will provide a hard copy to the school for the transfer to be considered.) *
I hereby request that the student herein named be permitted to attend Miami ISD schools as an inter-district transfer student. Please sign your name below.  *
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