New City Serve Opportunities
Complete this form if you'd like The Village to consider adding an organization to the list of City Serve Opportunities we'd encourage our members and attenders to support. The purpose of maintaining a list like this is to celebrate the ways in which our folks are contributing to our community, to emphasize the importance of working for the good of our community, and to eliminate some of the barriers that people might have to connecting with an organization.

Please submit new opportunities only if the conditions below are met. Your submission is an acknowledgment that, to the best of your knowledge, they've been met.

1) You're actively connected with the organization and would be willing to be an initial contact for those Villagers interested in learning more about the organization, its mission, and its opportunities.

2) The organization's mission and activities don't oppose or run contrary to the the mission and activities of The Village Church or the kingdom of God at large.

3) The organization has regular opportunities that others, including newcomers, are welcomed and encouraged to join.

Approval of every organization is at the discretion of the elders of The Village, and those that are approved may be taken off the list if any of the conditions aren't met or for any other reason deemed appropriate by the elders.


If you're looking to create a new opportunity where one doesn't (to the best of your knowledge!) currently exist, please contact Scott O'Donohoe at We'd love to talk with you about what you have in mind!
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