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Ready to PARTY my lovelies? I cannot wait to hang out with you at Romancing the Capital! This is definitely going to be a weekend to remember, so make sure you preorder your books so you can take a more than just memories home with you! And remember...ssh! What happens in Ottawa, stays in Ottawa...all except the books! They go where you go and your secrets stay with us! *wink*

PREORDER CHOICES ARE BELOW! Mark what you want, and if you happen by my website and see something you gotta have but it's not listed, no worries...I left a spot for write-ins!

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OF BLOOD AND MAGIC! New Release in the Cursed by Blood Saga
Eric Fraser is everything a vampire should be... Gorgeous. Sexy. Brooding. an Predatory. But the fates just love messing with him, including sending him the woman of his dreams whose blood could either kill or enslave him.
Will love conquer all? Find out!

$20.00 (CAN)

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MY SOUL TO KEEP! Book One of the Blessed Series
Angels and Demons and a trip through hell to save the woman he loves...

Rafe is an angel sent to protect the descendants of the Blessed, a choir of angels made human, from Lucifer. (That bad boy wants them, wicked hard ;)) He is sex incarnate, torn between his need to protect and the pull of his charge's body and soul. He's tempted ten ways to Sunday despite it meaning a trip to hell and back to save the girl. So the question is can he resist when Heaven and Earth hang in the balance.

$20.00 (CAN)

BEWITCH ME! New Release in The Red Veil Diaries Series!
Witches, witches and Dark Fae...oh my! And the infamous backrooms at the hottest vampire club in New York City!

In the flesh, love.
But…you’re dead.”
Ah, well. There’s dead and then there’s dead-dead.

Lane Alden stared at the man she once loved. The same man she mourned and never really got over. Yet here he was, standing outside the infamous backrooms at the Red Veil, where blood and sex rule and anything goes at the hottest vampire club in New York City.

But anything goes was a distraction she didn’t need. Especially not one that made her mouth water and her nether bits throb. She had a witch to find. A sister witch who went missing after taking a walk on the wild side. What Lane didn’t know was the part a Dark Fae played in her friend’s disappearance and why the man she loved and lost was suddenly back in her life. Coincidence? Not a chance.

$15.00 (CAN)

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The Red Veil Diaries Bundle!
Welcome to the Hottest Vampire Club in NYC! Vegas got nothing on what happens here! (Shifters & Vampires)
Four Book Bundle - Includes character interviews at the end!

Four Book Bundle - $40.00 (CAN)

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TEEN BOOKS? Why yes!
The Legend Series! What happens when 200 years of secrets and lies bleed over into the present? It takes high school seniors Hunter Morrissey and Rowen Corbett to battle unseen forces and set old wrongs to right...

This three book bundle takes you on a witchy journey...from solving a modern day mystery set in motion 200 years ago, to being thrown back in time to set old wrongs to an evil spirit hellbent on not letting go of his hold on this world. History, romance and a splash of horror and the paranormal all rolled into one fantastic ride!

Single Titles $20 (CAN)
Three Book Bundle ($40)

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