2020-2021 Technology Student Handbook
Marlboro County School District is committed to preparing students to be successful citizens in a global community. Providing our students with one to one devices allows them to access information, think critically, problem solve, collaborate, and create while learning to safely, ethically, and effectively utilize 21st century tools. This provides access to instructional programs, files, and schoolwork both at school and home. This handbook outlines the expectations for student use while providing both students and parents/guardians with procedures for appropriate use, care, and security.
Please read the Technology Student Handbook carefully and complete the questions below.
Technology Student Handbook - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Jro0D7uYsKFHZnNYBsx31Ils5E7ytghG/view?usp=sharing
Typing your name below indicates your understanding of the Marlboro County School District’s 1:1 Handbook policies. Your name further indicates you will follow the policies contained in this document and understand the replacement/repair fees involved. *
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