Blossom Festival 2020 Application - Market Stall
We welcome applications from creative market vendors wanting to sell their products at Blossom Festival and would love to see a variety of clothing, jewellery, art, natural products and other festival themed items.

Please be aware that spaces are limited, so unfortunately not all applications may be accepted.

Market stalls need to be fully self sufficient, however, power can be provided for lighting and small electronic devices at a fee of $50 per stall.

Market stall vendors are not required to pay an application cost and successful applicants are entitled to one free ticket to the event and one ticket at Early Bird rates.

All approvals required to sell products are the sole responsibility of the vendor. Vendors may be required to provide proof of a license in order to have an application accepted.

All vendors are required to have public liability insurance. If necessary, Blossom Festival can provide public liability insurance at a cost (estimated at approximately $70), however this must be paid in full by the stall holder before arrival at the event.

By submitting this form, you acknowledge and agree to the conditions stated within this application. Dates for opening and closing of applications will be available on our website Please do not contact us requesting an update on the progress of your application prior to the application closing date.
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