Single Wall UST and Product Pipeline Closure Deadline Questionnaire
We are interested in your experience complying with the mandated closure of all single-walled underground storage tanks and product pipelines and your experiences finding contractors, consultants, and financing. The answers or comments provided here are not linked or correlated to particular sites, properties, or owners, and will not impact enforcement of this requirement.
Enter the survey access code located at the bottom of the letter your received. If you do not remember or did not receive one, enter "9999" *
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How did you find out about the Single-wall closure and removal deadline? *
When is your removal deadline?
Will all single-walled USTs and/or product pipelines at your facility be removed prior to the deadline? *
What are the biggest obstacles to removing Single-Walled USTs and/or product pipelines prior to the deadline? *
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When did you begin looking for contractors and financing? *
Are you having difficulty finding a contractor to perform the removal prior to the deadline? *
How many UST removal contractors did you contact to get price quotes? *
How do you plan on paying for removal costs? *
Did you attempt to get private financing or loans from a Bank or Credit Union to pay for removal?
Do you plan on installing new USTs or Product Pipelines to replace the ones being removed? *
What was the estimated cost to remove single-walled USTs and product pipelines? *
Has RI Commerce Corporation contacted you to provide guidance with Financing or finding contractors?
Is there anything the DEM could do to assist you in meeting the deadline? *
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