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Survey on disability
When you think about a person with a disability, what kind of disability do you think first?
Is there any disabled in your family?
If yes, does he/she practise any sports?
Is any of your friends disabled?
If yes, does he/shepractise any sports?
Have you ever had a disabled schoolfriend?
If yes, does he/she practise any sports?
Have you ever done anything in your life to promote the integration of disabled people?
Is disability a problem for the society?
Is a person with adisability discriminated in your society?
How important is it for a disabled boy or girl to be included and accepted by the society?
Can sports be an instrument of social integration for a person with a disability, in your opinion?
A sport activity is the manifestation of the innate need that the body has to express itself. Is it true for a disabled?
Is it easy, in your opinion, to have access to the world of sports for a disabled?
What could make the approach to sports activities hard for a disabled person?
What’s common people’s attitude towards sports for disabled?
What difficulties do you think a disabled has to face in a sports activity?
Your answer
Have you ever had the opportunity to collaborate with a person with a disability?
If yes, what was your experience like?
Your answer
How much would you agree these affirmations concerning your town and surrounding area?
Answer these questions with a number from 0 to 4
My city has access adaptations for disabled
Public transport is fully adapted to disability
Shopping centers are adapted for disabled
Schools are adapted to the needs of people with disabilities
There are enough places where disabled sports are possible in my town
Disabled are provided the information about practicing sports
Disabled sports people have financing in sports
Salary and grants for disabled and able are equal
Disabled sports matches and competitions are broadcast equally than able ones
Education for able and disabled is the same
Access for sport facilities is easy for disabled
Paralympic Games are popular among your friends
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