Bellevue Farmers Market Vendor Application
Are you interested in being a vendor at the Bellevue Farmers Market for the 2019 season? Hooray! Please fill out the form below and read and agree to the rules and regulations of the market (page 2). We'll be in touch soon once your application has been submitted! Please note, your market space is not confirmed or guaranteed until we let you know that you have been accepted, and your payment is received.

Additionally, depending on your product, certificates and licenses may be required for vending at the Market. Contact us with any questions if you're unsure about which certificates and licenses may apply to you. Once you are approved for the market, please mail copies of the applicable items below to our P.O. Box address (page 2), or email them to so we can keep them on file for the duration of the market. Not supplying the appropriate paperwork may result in not being able to set up at the market.

1. Proof of insurance as specified in the Rules and Regulations (Page 2). A certificate must remain current and on file with the market.
2. Sales Tax Certificate, if you sell taxable items.
3. All appropriate permits as required for products being sold: i.e. health permits, nursery license, dairy and meat permits, etc.
4. Copy of current certificate for organic goods must be placed on file with the market.

Please contact us at with any questions or concerns.

The Bellevue Farmers Market strives to be the premier local food, wellness, and community gathering destination for the North Boroughs and surrounding communities. We connect the community with local farmers and locally crafted foods and goods in a mutually beneficial way. By supporting the sale of a variety of fresh, locally grown food as well as hand crafted items sourced from local ingredients, we enhance the quality of life in and around the North Boroughs and contribute to a vibrant and thriving town center. Our aim is to support the health and well-being of residents and promote a robust regional food system to better ensure access to fresh food for everyone.

The Bellevue Farmers Market will take place in Bayne Park every Wednesday from 3-7PM starting June 6, 2018 and running through October 31, 2018. We offer single (10x10) and double (10x20) selling spaces and the ability to attend for the whole season or on a part-time basis. We're able to work with you on your specific needs, so get in touch if you don't see the particular option you're looking for in regards to attendance or booth size.

The communities that our market serves include: Bellevue, Avalon, Brighton Heights, Ben Avon, Ben Avon Heights, Emsworth, and Ross Township. In addition to our growing list of vendors and amazing free community offerings during the market, Bayne Park also offers a huge green space, a playground, and a skate park, so we enjoy great attendance and community involvement.

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Describe the specific products from your selections above. If you selected fruits/vegetables, please complete or attach list of crop availability that you plan to sell at the farmers market. Please include the crop and the monthly range you expect to have those available: *
e.g. Tomatoes/July-September, sweet pickle relish, pastured chicken eggs. (Only items listed in your completed application can be sold at the Bellevue Farmers Market. You must list all food and products that you plan to bring to market. Items not listed will be allowed for sale only with advance approval by the market manager/committee. If you want to bring additional or new products to market that are not on your original market application, you must let market management know in writing what those products are and get prior approval from market management before bringing these products to market. All items listed here must be produced or grown by the vendor.)
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We love local goods! If you would like to bring goods that were grown or produced by another local farm or business, please include those items here. These items must be approved by the market manager/committee before sale (as allowed by the market's rules and regulations):
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Production Methods Used (check all that apply):
Please note: Pursuant to CFR Part 205, Subpart B, Section 205.100(c)(1) any operation that knowingly sells or labels a product as organic without certification, shall be subject to a civil penalty of not more than $10,000 per violation.
Space Requested: *
Please select & fill out the "other" option if you'd like to make arrangements that aren't listed here.
Attendance: *
Please mark your selection and then elaborate with dates, if necessary, in the space below.
What date are you able to start attending the market? *
The market occurs every Wednesday from June 6 until October 31, 2018. If you're unsure of your market start date, you can write "unsure" though having a date in mind helps us immensely with scheduling.
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If you selected that you'll attend the market on a part-time basis, please fill in the dates (if you know them) that you'll be able to attend the market:
If you don't know these dates yet, that's okay - contact us two days prior to the market date you’d like to attend by noon to finalize participation.
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Are you able to accept credit cards?
This is not a requirement, it just helps us know the different ways we can serve patrons.
Food Accessibility Program Participation:
Participation in these programs is limited to eligible products. Vendors are responsible for determining their own eligibility.
Anything else we should know?
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Please electronically sign and date here indicating that all above information is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge, that you agree to any and all policies outlined above, and that you understand this is an application only, and the sole discretion in approving vendors lies with the Bellevue Farmers Market Steering Committee: *
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