Tour de Heart: Patient Experience Survey
The purpose of this survey is to collect input from people diagnosed with heart problems. Based on my lifelong journey with heart issues, I have found that traditional healthcare services don't help us to get our lives back once we leave the hospital. I would like to hear from other people dealing with heart issues and understand if there are more people like me.
I hope that together, we can share information and improve outcomes as we reach our goals and do amazing things!
Have you been diagnosed with heart issues?
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If you feel comfortable sharing, please provide an overview of your heart issue:
Have you had / or will you have a surgical heart procedure or other treatment?
If yes, do you feel like you were given enough information about the surgery/procedure/treatment?
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What do you wish you had known before the procedure?
Do you ever feel scared or overwhelmed at times dealing with your heart issues?
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What about your condition makes you feel scared / overwhelmed?
Do you use a wearable device, such as a FitBit or Garmin, that has a heart rate feature to help you track your heart?
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Do you feel that you can do the same level of activity as before your diagnosis/procedure?
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Do you feel like your doctor understands your goals and helps create a plan to achieve them?
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What would you most like to change/improve about your experience that will help others?
If you would like to be added to the Tour de Heart community, please provide your name and email address:
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