The Korea Daily 14th College Fair -Student Registration

* Event Address: Sunny Hills High School, 1801 Lancer Way, Fullerton, CA 92833
* Event Date: September 21, 2019
* Event Check In Time: 9:30 ~ 10:20 AM
* Contact us at (213) 368-2518/9806 or

FREE entrance to parents and students
FREE College Admission Guidebook with online registration
Guidebook attached with raffle ticket entered into plentiful prize !
(Airline Round Ticket etc)
Please check in with your confirmation email.

칼리지페어 온라인 등록하면,
래플 추첨권이 수록된 가이드북 무료 배포 ! (체크인 시간을 꼭 지켜주셔야 합니다)

칼리지페어 입장은 무료입니다
현장 체크인 시 컨펌이메일을 보여주시면 가이드북과 추첨권을 드립니다

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Thank you. See you at the fair (Any Comment) !
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