Parties and Playdates - MX 2019 Auction
Host a party or playdate for fellow MX families. You plan the party on a date that works for you, and your MX community buys tickets at the auction. Host 5 people or 50 (or anything in between). Need ideas? How about:

For kids… A tea party, with stuffies. A tromp through the woods. A movie and pizza night at your house (these are popular!).
For adults… A chocolate tasting party. A cooking class. A theme dinner party.
For families… A bike ride. A Halloween craft party. A game night.

This year's auction will be held March 2, 2019, 5 p.m. at Ed Roberts Campus.

Choose a party date after the auction (spring or fall are best). List several possible dates, please!

Note: we encourage you to choose a fall date, as the spring tends to get very filled up with parties.

Any questions? Contact Jenn at or 510-759-5090

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Describe your party or playdate.
Please describe the experience you are offering in an enticing, attractive way (we can help with making the language pretty -- but please offer enough detail for us to write a thorough description).
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Date of event
You may schedule the event for any date after March 2, 2019. Spring and early fall generally work best, rather than summer. Please list a few possible dates, or check the parties & playdates calendar (link below - sorry, you'll have to cut & paste it) to check whether your event conflicts with a scheduled one. It can work great to have a kid event at the same time as an adult one because then people can use it as babysitting. Here's the calendar link -
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