Hold NYU Accountable: Terminate Avital Ronell’s Employment and Implement Institutional Reform #NYUtoo
(full statement and list of demands here: https://tinyurl.com/NYUtooDemands)

NYUtoo and the Graduate Student Organizing Committee (GSOC-UAW Local 2110), the union for graduate workers at NYU, strongly opposes the return of Avital Ronell, professor of Comparative Literature and German, who was found guilty in a Title IX investigation of verbal and physical sexual harassment of a graduate student. She is currently undergoing a one-year suspension and will return to her teaching and research duties in fall 2019.

As the union for graduate employees, we maintain that every student and employee of NYU has the right to work and learn free from the fear of harassment, discrimination, and abuse. NYU’s decision to continue Ronell’s employment constitutes an attack on survivors of sexual abuse and contributes to a hostile learning and working environment. The university already tacitly acknowledges this in making it a condition of Ronell’s return that her future meetings with students be supervised. Moreover, Ronell’s behavior is not isolated to this particular instance, but is part of a long-standing pattern of intimidation and misconduct, as testified by other students and faculty. We therefore call on NYU to enforce its policy “to maintain a safe learning, living, and working environment” and immediately terminate Avital Ronell’s employment.

NYU's handling of the case suggests that its stated commitment to diversity and inclusion is nothing more than tokenism in place of actual institutional reform. Allowing Ronell to to return to NYU demonstrates the university’s complicity in reproducing the structures that produce harassment and exclusion. Also troubling was NYU’s silence regarding a disinformation campaign against Ronell’s accuser in which many prominent scholars, including NYU professors, signed a letter defending Ronell solely based on her scholarly reputation and slandered her accuser’s claims as being motivated by malicious intent. This letter and NYU’s failure to respond to it further highlight the power imbalance between advisors and graduate students, and the barriers that prevent reporting instances of misconduct and being taken seriously.

The conditions that enabled Ronell’s misconduct are the same institutional conditions that enable all injustice and hostility based on ability, race, class, gender, sexuality, religion, or nationality. We stand in solidarity with other ongoing struggles within NYU, such as the recent mobilizations against institutional racism at Silver, that seek to transform the university into a more equitable and just place for all of its students and employees. We call on NYU to step forward as a leader among its peer institutions by appropriately responding to findings of misconduct and building an academic environment free from harassment and discrimination
(full statement and list of demands here: https://tinyurl.com/TerminateRonell)

We the undersigned demand that NYU:


1) Cancel Professor Ronell’s Fall 2019 course and terminate her employment at the university.

2) Ensure transparency and consistency regarding Title IX proceedings, and that those found guilty of misconduct face consequences commensurate with the offense.

3) Publish an annual report providing information and statistics on all Title IX complaints for the academic year, including NYU’s responses to those complaints.


4) Establish a restorative justice option for addressing sexual misconduct, requiring the hiring of at least two highly trained facilitators.

5) Establish an anonymous reporting option for all forms of misconduct, including racial discrimination, gender discrimination, sexual misconduct, and threat of retaliation.

6) Significantly increase funding to NYU’s S.P.A.C.E. (Sexual Misconduct Prevention, Assistance, Counseling, and Education) to streamline and expand the resources available to the NYU community.


7) Implement regular, in-person, rigorous trainings for faculty, staff, and students across the university focusing on anti-harassment, sexual respect, racial sensitivity, and bystander intervention.

8) Prioritize the hiring and retention of faculty from underrepresented groups, ensure holistic race-conscious admissions processes, and increase need-based financial aid opportunities.

9) Take steps to diffuse and reinvent the power structures within academia that currently give tenured faculty and administrators undue power over graduate students.

In Solidarity,
NYUtoo (NYU.metoo@gmail.com)
Graduate Student Organizing Committee - UAW Local 2110

(signee affiliation is NYU, unless otherwise indicated),

Mohammed Abdelaziz, Graduate Student, Physics, 3rd Year
Mel Abler, Graduate Student, Columbia University, Applied Physics 5th year
Hassan Abul, Staff, RMIT, Publishing
Terry Adams, Graduate Student, Georgetown University, English, 2019
Grace Adeyemi, Undergraduate Student, Psychology and Neuroscience 2019
Hashmita Agarwal, Alumni, Food Studies, Spanish and Linguistics 2019
Sarah Ahmad, Undergraduate Student, NYU, Public Policy 2023
Mearaz Ahmed, Undergraduate Student, Tandon 2022
rahel aima, Writer, Columbia University
Sebastián Alarcón, Undergraduate Student, UGF&TV / Comparative Literature 2019
Michael Albergo, Graduate Student, Physics, 1
Marta Aleksandrowicz, Graduate Student, SUNY Buffalo, Comparative Literature
Sofia Aletta, Graduate Student, Anthropology- MA
Ayan Ali, Staff, Saint Louis University
Michael Allen, Faculty, Washington University in St. Louis, Architecture
Anayvelyse Allen-Mossman, Columbia University Graduate Student, Columbia University, Latin American and Iberian Cultures
Lauren Altman, Graduate Student, Physics year 2
Oz Amram, Graduate Student at Johns Hopkins, Johns Hopkins, Physics, 4th Year
Disi An, Graduate Student, Biology
Amad Ansari, Undergraduate Student, Art History, 2020
Lauren Apple, Graduate Student, The Centeal European University, Gender Studies 2013
Carlos Arellano, Staff, Biology Department, staff
Catherine Arevalo, Undergraduate Student, Pierce College, Biological Sciences, 3rd year
Anthony Arnone, Graduate Student, English 3rd year
Varnica Arora, Graduate Student, CUNY, Psychology- year 1
E.G. Asher, Graduate Student, English PhD
Andrew Ashley, Graduate Student, Anthropology
Krithika Ashok, Graduate Student, University of Chicago, Law School
Grace Avecilla, Graduate Student, NYU, Biology, 3rd year
Kashif Azam, Graduate Student, GSAS, International Relations, 2020
Eleanor Babaev, Undergraduate Student, GPH and Sociology/ senior
Gabriel Babuch, Undergraduate Student, California State University, Los Angeles, English, 2020
salma shamel bakr, Graduate Student, MCC 2017
Thomas Baldwin, Graduate Student, Hunter College, Art and Art History
Hyoju Ban, Graduate Student, Biology, 2019
Elizabeth Banks, Graduate Student
Derek Baron, Graduate Student, GSAS Music / 3rd year
Vanessa Barrera, Graduate Student, Yale, Germanic Languages & Literatures, 2022
Colleen Baublitz, Graduate Student, Columbia University, Earth and Environmental Sciences
Melanie Bavaria, Graduate Student, History
Michael Bearman, Undergraduate Student, Sociology 2020
Evan Behrle, Graduate Student, Philosophy, 1st
Gavin Beinart-Smollan, Graduate Student, Hebrew and Judaic Studies
Robert Bell, Graduate Student, Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, 3rd Year PhD
Chase Berggrun, Graduate Student, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Creative Writing 2016
Lev Bernstein, Undergraduate Student, CS, ‘2022
Gwendolyn Berumen, Graduate Student, University of Texas - Austin, Sociology, 1st year
Miriam Bilsker, Graduate Student, University of Chicago, Divinity
Lauren Bishop, Graduate Student, University of Wisconsin, Law, 2015
Daniel Blatter, Graduate Student, Columbia University, Earth and Environmental Science, 4th year
Hagen Blix, Graduate Student, Linguistics, 3
Emily Boeke, Graduate Student, Psychology
Alex Bollington, Staff, Environmental Studies 2019
Cavan Vaux Bonner, Undergraduate Student, Kalamazoo College, Psychology, 2021
Alex Boodrookas, Graduate Student, Middle Eastern & Islamic Studies, History, 6th year
Caroline Bowman, Graduate Student, Philosophy, 3rd year PhD
Andrew Bowman, Graduate Student, University of Illinois, English - Writing Studies (2nd-year PhD Student)
Madeline Bowman, Undergraduate Student, University of Florida, History, fourth year
Sam Brady, Undergraduate Student, VCU, Humanities 2020
Sophie Bridges, Undergraduate Student, Columbia, Comparative Literature, 2018
Jennifer Brooks, Undergraduate Student, Music and Performing Arts, 2019
Tierney Brown, Graduate Student
Eliza Brown, Graduate Student, Sociology
Rivkah Brown, Journalist
Lila Brown, Undergraduate Student, Teaching & Learning 2021
Curtis Browne, Concerned individual, UNC-Chapel Hill, English
Hannah Bingham Brunner, Graduate Student, Oklahoma State University, Linguistics, second year PhD
Melanie Brusseler, Graduate Student, Columbia University
Terry Buck, Graduate Student, Law 2021
Jordan Budd, Alumni, Gallatin ‘12
Milica Bulajic, Graduate Student, Biology 6th year
Anton Bunia, Graduate Student, Princeton Universit, German
Sariah Irene Bunker, Alumni, Global Liberal Studies, 2019
Sarah Burris, Undergraduate Student, Johns Hopkins, Biomedical Engineering 2020
Andrew Butler, Graduate Student, Biology 5th year
Narmin Butt, Graduate Student, UCLA, JD/PhD (Political Science), 2025
Simon Cadel, Undergraduate Student, Dramatic writing 2022
Jason Cao, Graduate Student, Physics department, forth year
Nuala Caomhanach, Graduate Student, History: 3rd year
Lucia Cardelli, Graduate Student, MA English, 1st year
Sam Carlile, Undergraduate Student, Steinhardt, Sophomore
Emily Carpenter, Undergraduate Student, Gallatin, 2021
Daphne Carr, Graduate Student, Music, rising 4th
Claudia Maria Carrera, Graduate Student, Music, 6th Year
David Catchpole, Graduate Student, Music
Federica Cerruti, Undergraduate Student, Politics 2019
Madhavi Challa, Undergraduate Student, Psychology, fourth-year
Lila Chambers, Graduate Student, History 2015
Carson Chan, Graduate Student, Princeton, Architecture 2021
Alexandra Chan, Undergraduate Student, LS 2023
Paresh Chandra, Graduate Student, Princeton University, Comparative Literature, 3 year
Bhumika Chauhan, Graduate Student, NYU, Sociology, 3rd year
Victoria Cheff, Graduate Student, Columbia, French, year 1
Adela Chelminski, Undergraduate Student, Sciences Po Paris, 3rd year
Chang Chen, Graduate Student, Physics, 4th year
Jeffrey Chen, Alumni, NYUAD, Computer Engineering '15
Belle Cheves, Graduate Student, Harvard, History and Middle Eastern Studies, 5th year
Swati Chintala, Graduate Student, Sociology 2016
Esther Choo, Graduate Student, Anthropology
Andrea Long Chu, Graduate Student, Comparative Literature, 6th year
shina chua, Graduate Student, Philosophy
Tez Clark, Graduate Student, Philosophy
Joshua Clover, Faculty, University of California Davis, Departments of English and Comparative Literature
Nir Cohen, Graduate Student, Music
Sylvie Cohen, Undergraduate Student, Gallatin-sophomore
Mallory Cohn, Graduate Student, Indiana University Bloomington, English
Jessie Coleman, Undergraduate Student, 2021
Ryan Coleman, writer
Robert T Collins, Graduate Student, University of Wisconsin -- Madison, English, 5th
Jake Colosa, Undergraduate Student, 2022
Jasper Conner, Graduate Student, College of William and Mary, History 2nd Year
Emilie Connolly, Graduate Student, History, 7th year
Sylvia Coopersmith, Undergraduate Student, Gallatin 2021
Andrew Coopman, Alumni, Educational Theater, 2014
Luis A Cordova, Staff
Hailey Corkery, Undergraduate Student, Colorado College, Sociology and Feminist and Gender Studies, 4th year
Maximilien Courgeon, Graduate Student, Biology
Emma Shaw Crane, Graduate Student, Social & Cultural Analysis, 5th Year
Ned Crowley, Graduate Student, Sociology
Zachary D Cuyler, Graduate Student, History/MEIS, 2021
Sarah D'Adamo, Graduate Student, McMaster University, English & Cultural Studies, 7
Jack Dahill, Undergraduate Student, Drama 3rd Year
Kevin DallaSanta, Graduate Student
Jillian Danto, Undergraduate Student, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Visual and Critical Studies 2020
Lili Dao, Graduate Student, Sociology
Sannoy Das, Graduate Student, Harvard, Law School, SJD 2022
Theodore Davenport, Graduate Student, University of Washington, Geography, 2020
Kathryn David, Graduate Student, History
Smaran Dayal, Graduate Student, Comparative Literature
James deBoer, Graduate Student, Law '21
Max Delsohn, Alumni, Seattle University, English, Class of 2015
Kay Dente-Ferguson, Undergraduate Student, Barnard College, Psychology- 2020
Thomas dePaola, Graduate Student, USC, Education, 2015
Serena Devi, Undergraduate Student, Journalism, 2020
Ranjodh Singh Dhaliwal, Graduate Student, University of California, Davis, English, 2015
Amanda DiMiele, Graduate Student, Yale, 3rd year, Religious Studies
Samuel Dinger, Graduate Student, Sociology
Ross Dispenza, Graduate Student, Columbia University, GSAS Chemistry ‘17, Law ‘21
Mimi Doan, Alumni, Gallatin 2019
John Doe, Undergraduate Student
Jack Donahue, Graduate Student, Physics, 2022
Wenjing Dong, Graduate Student, Courant institue of Mathematical Sciences
Carsten Drake, Undergraduate Student, Indiana University, 3rd year
Matthew Drnevich, Graduate Student, Physics 1st Year Ph.D.
Emily Drouillard, Graduated, Gallatin 2017
Yasmin Dualeh, Graduate Student, University of Cambridge
Danielle Dulken, Graduate Student, UNC-Chapel Hill, American Studies
Marcus DuPont, Graduate Student, Physics, First Year
Anonymous, Dutch, Undergraduate Dropout
Sourjya Dutta, Graduate Student, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Sara Duvisac, Graduate Student, Sociology
Sumati Dwivedi, Graduate Student, Columbia University, English & Comparative Literature
Olivia Edell, Undergraduate Student, Computer Science, 3rd year
Jennifer Edwards, Graduate Student, Central European University, Gender Studies 2020
Elias Eells, Graduate Student, Tufts University, Department of Classics 2020
Patricia Ekpo, Graduate Student, Yale University, American Studies
Gina Elbert, Alumna, Pratt Institute (graduate student), School of Information, Library and Information Sciences, 2020
Eskil Elling, Graduate Student, Northwestern, Philosophy, 2nd year
Kalina Elliott, Undergraduate Student, University of California Berkeley, Neurobiology / Freshman
Katherine Eo, Undergraduate Student, MCC First Year
Sevinc Ercan, Faculty, Biology
Samuel Ernest, Graduate Student, Yale, Religious Studies 1st year
Iraj Eshghi, Graduate Student, Physics
Raquel Espasande, Undergraduate Student, Linguistics, 2020
Therem Harth rem ir Estraven, Non-Academic, Concerned Individual
Jeannette Estruth, Alumni, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 2018
Brian Fairley, Graduate Student, GSAS Music 2nd year PhD
Marios Falaris, Graduate Student, Johns Hopkins, Anthropology, 4th year PhD candidate
Carolyn Fan, Alumni, Global Public Health, Sociology ‘17
Carolyn Fan, Alum, Global Public Health, Sociology ‘17
Yizhi Fan, Undergraduate Student, Applied Psychology2023
Téa Fantauzzo, High school student
Lauren Farrell, Undergraduate Student, Gallatin
Merve Fejzula, Graduate Student, Cambridge University, History Faculty
ELI FELS, Staff, Harvard University, Divinity School '08
Lewis Fender, Undergraduate Student, Gallatin, third year
Emily Fender, Undergraduate Student, Gallatin, 3rd year
Nick Feng, Graduate Student, Electrical and Computer Engineering first year PhD student
Gloria Fisk, Faculty, Queens College, CUNY, English, Associate Professor
Martin Fitzgerald, Graduate Student, Saint Louis University, Health Care Ethics
ilia forkin, concerned
Beth Nicole Fowler, Faculty, Wayne State University, History, 2014
Daren Fowler, Graduate Student, Georgia State University, Film and Media, 5th year phd
Lizzy Francis, Alumni, NYU, Gallatin 2016 - Undergraduate
Miriam Frank, Retired Faculty & Alumna
steven franzmann, Undergraduate Student, Nevada Reno, Engineering freshman
Chad D. Frazier, Graduate Student, Georgetown University, History, 8th year
Nik King Fredel, Undergraduate Student, Gallatin 2021
Charles French, Undergraduate Student, French 2022
Julia Ftacek, Graduate Student, Western Michigan University, English 4th Year
Camille Gagnier, Graduate Student, Birkbeck, Philosophy 2019
Jack Gain, Staff, Queen Mary University of London, Library
Patrick W. Gallagher, PhD Alum, NYU-GSAS Comp Lit '12; Fmr. Organizer/Local 2110 Guide, Comparative Literature 2012
Suroor Gandhi, Graduate Student, Physics, 1st year
Jackson Gandour, Graduate Student, Law, 2020
Ellis Garey, Graduate Student, History and MEIS (second year)
Gorkem Garipler, Graduate Student, Biology 6th year
David Padilla Garza, Graduate Student
Leah Genn, Graduate Student, Florida State University, College of Medicine, 2nd year
Ruzan Ghazaryan, Graduate Student, Silver School of Social Work 2020
Khemani Gibson, Graduate Student, History, 6th year PhD Candidate
Levi Gikandi, Graduate Student, NYU, Journalism 2017
Iliana Gioulatou, Graduate Student, Philosophy, 3rd year PhD student
Milo Giovanniello, Graduate Student, school of social work, 2022
Rebecca Glade, Graduate Student, Columbia University, Department of History, 4th year
Susannah Glickman, Graduate Student, Columbia, History, 3
Rachel Golden, Undergraduate Student, The College of William & Mary
Nelson Gomez, Undergraduate Student, Columbia University, Computer Science '19
Eden Goncalves, Undergraduate Student, Gallatin 2021
Adriana Gonzalez, Alumni, Johns Hopkins University, Biomedical Engineering; First year
Elisa Gonzalez, Alum of NYU GASS
Jannia M. Gómez González, Graduate Student, Princeton, Spanish and Portuguese G2
Shahrzad Goudarzi, Graduate Student, Psychology, 3rd year
Chiara Graf, Graduate Student, University of Toronto, Classics, 6th Year
Courtney Graves, Graduate Student, Kevorkian Center, 2019
Sophie Grieser, Undergraduate Student, Tisch 2021
Nadine Griffith, Staff, Liberal Studies
Zoe Gross, Freelance writer and researcher
Victoria N Grubbs, Graduate Student, NYU, MCC 5th Year PhD
Natassja B Gunasena, Faculty, Minnesota State University Moorhead, Women’s and Gender Studies 2019
Aman Gupta, Graduate Student, Mathematics, 5th Year
Meaghan Guyader, Post Grad, Colorado School of Mines, Civil and Environmental Engineering 2019
Jad Mahmoud Halabi, Graduate Student, Chemistry 2nd
Sterling Hall, Graduate Student, Villanova University, Philosophy, 1st
Grace Halvorson, Alumnae, Steinhardt 2018
Jacob Hamer, Graduate Student, Johns Hopkins University, Physics and Astronomy
Casey Hampsey, Graduate Student, English, 2020
Yvana Han, Undergraduate Student, MCC, 2021
Isaac Hand, Graduate Student, MEIS/History
Aditya Hardikar, Graduate Student, Physics 1st year
J. Wolfe Harris, Undergraduate Student, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, History and Philosophy, Senior
Tyrianne Harris, Undergraduate Student, Freshman
Anna Hart, Undergraduate Student, University of Essex, School of Philosophy and Art History, Year 2
Scottie Harvey, Graduate Student, Dramatic Writing 2020
Ali Hassan, Graduate Student
Julia Hatten, Undergraduate Student, UCLA, Political Science, 2016
Katie Hayden, Graduate Student, Wagner 2nd year
Ryan Haynes, Alumni, Stern 2002
Ryan Healey, Graduate Student, English, 2023
Jonna Heldrich, Graduate Student
Liam Henry, Undergraduate Student, CAS 2021
Andrea Herrera, Alumni, UIUC/UIC, N/A
Nathaniel Herter, Graduate Student, Harvard University, Department of the Classics, G3
Daniel Hoek, Graduate Student, Philosophy
Mark Hoffarth, Postdoc, Psychology
Austin Hoffman, Graduate Student, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Anthropology, 2nd year
Lisa Hofmann-Kuroda, Postdoc, Harvard, Reischauer Institute, 2019
Abby Hofstetter, Undergraduate Student, Liberal Studies 2022
Anne Hollmuller, Graduate Student, History/IFS, First year
Shanna Howard, Graduate Student, UC Santa Cruz, METX 2020
Mimi Howard, Graduate Student, Cambridge, Politics
Fangxing Huang, Graduate Student, University of Chicago, 2013
Frida Galaviz Huerta, Undergraduate Student, Neural Science 2022
Marie-Christine Hyland, Graduate Student, English PhD 2019
Dylan Iannitelli, Graduate Student, Biology 4th year
Cara Ryan Idriss, Graduate Student, Anthropology, entered 2017
Syeda ShahBano Ijaz, Graduate Student, UC San Diego
Helen Hazelwood Isaac, Graduate Student, History, 3rd year PhD Candidate
Heba Islam, Graduate Student, Johns Hopkins University, Anthropology, PhD student
Paloma J., Graduate Student, linguistics, 4th year
Jacqueline Jackson, Graduate Student, Biology, 1st year
Aaron Jacobs, Graduate Student, Brown University, History 4th Year
Simon Jagoe, Undergraduate Student, Oxford University, Law 2019
Oliver Janssen, Graduate Student, Physics, 5
Denish Jaswal, Graduate Student, Harvard, Philosophy, 1st year
Coralie Jean-Philippe, Undergraduate Student
Ragini Jha, Graduate Student, UMass Amherst
Emily R Johnson, Alumna, NYU, English 2018
Katherine Johnson, Graduate Student, Biology 4th year
Jay Jolles, Graduate Student, Rutgers University Camden, English 2019
Brendan Collins Jordan, Graduate Student, History Department, Third Year
Daniel Joslyn, Graduate Student, History, 2021
Robin Joyce, Graduate Student
Peter K, Undergraduate Student, Econ 2021
John Kallas, Undergraduate Student, Middle Eastern Islamic Studies 2022
David Kanbergs, Graduate Student
Anirban Karak, Graduate Student
Benny Kardesch, Undergraduate Student, Drama 2023
Rami Karim, Writer
Talia Katz, Graduate Student, Johns Hopkins University, Anthropology
Sam P. Kellogg, Graduate Student, MCC, 1st Year
Matthew Kennedy, unaffiliated
Paul Kershaw, Former PhD Student, History, 2014
Leela Khanna, Graduate Student, Anthropology- 2nd year
Ismael Khoufaify, Alumni, Public Policy, 2019
Elsy El Khoury, Graduate Student
Ki Young Kim, Graduate Student, Columbia, Political Science, 3rd year
Gamin Kim, Alumni, Stern 2019
Elias Kleinbock, Graduate Student, Princeton University, Comparative Literature, G4
Marissa Knoll, Graduate Student, Biology 2nd Year
pallavi komma, Undergraduate Student, T&E 2023
Harris Kornstein, Graduate Student, Media, Culture, and Communication, PhD candidate
Zane Koss, Graduate Student, English, 5th
Joseph Koussa, Graduate Student, Biology 5th year
Charlie Kozey, Graduate Student, GSAS Music, 4th year
Joshua Kruchten, Graduate Student, English
Mary Kruk, Graduate Student, Penn State, Psychology, 3rd
Mala Kumar, Graduate Student, Parsons New School of Design, Design and Technology '16
Kimberly Kurzendoerfer, Alumnus, Portland State University, Computer Science, 2017
Erini Lambrides, Graduate Student, Johns Hopkins University, Physics and Astronomy
Wynter Lastarria, Graduate Student, English, 3rd Year
Kira Lauring, Undergraduate Student, Tufts University, American Studies 2020
Virgilio Urbina Lazardi, Graduate Student, Sociology, 2nd-Year
Tommy Lazarou, Graduate Student, Chemistry, 2022
Shimrit Lee, Graduate Student, Middle East and Islamic Studies, 2019
Michelle Lee, Graduate Student, Department of Psychology, Class of 2023
Sungmey Lee, Graduate Student, Johns Hopkins University, English 6th
Hannah Leffingwell, Graduate Student, French Studies, 3rd year
Melissa Lefkowitz, Graduate Student, Anthropology 2021
Katelyn Lemay, Alumna, CAS 2012
Jennifer Lenow, Alumnus, GSAS, Department of Psychology, 2018
Victor Leon, Graduate Student, Biology 2nd year
Ezra Levine, Undergraduate Student, CAS, 1st year
Rachel Levy, Faculty
Marena Lin, Ph.D. 2019, HGSU-UAW organizer, Harvard University, Earth and Planetary Sciences
Clara Lingle, Graduate Student, Philosophy, 2nd year
Margaret Linhart, Undergraduate Student, Johns Hopkins University, Political Science, 2021
John Linstrom, Graduate Student, English, 5
Di Liu, Graduate Student, 6
Dou Liu, Graduate Student, Physics 2015
Joseph Livesey, Graduate Student, Anthropology, 7
Alexa Logush, Graduate Student, History, 2nd year
Susan Loncaric, Supporter
Jessica Lopez-Espino, Graduate Student, Anthropology
Kevin Lower, Graduate Student, Villanova University, Philosophy, 4th year
David Ludwig, Undergraduate Student, Global Liberal Studies Senior
Jack Lundquist, Past unit rep, tandon, CUSP 2018
Zoe N Lye, Graduate Student, Biology
Yana Lysenko, Graduate Student, Comparative Literature
Jerrod MacFarlane, In Solidarity
E Mackintosh, Parent
Anthony Mak, Undergraduate Student, GPH 2021
Mone Makkawi, Graduate Student, MEIS, 3rd year
Moné Makkawi, Graduate Student, Middle Eastern & Islamic Studies, 3rd year
Wendy Mallette, Graduate Student, Yale University, Religious Studies 2021
Devlin Mallory, Graduate Student, University of Michigan, Department of Mathematics
Dee Mandiyan, Alumni, Steinhardt '16
Amita Manghnani, Staff, Asian/Pacific/American Institute; NYU History Department MA 2011
Emma Maniere, Graduate Student, History, 2nd Year
Aisha Manojkumar, Undergraduate Student, Courant 2021
Nicholas Mark, Graduate Student, Sociology 2021
Schuyler Marquez, Graduate Student, Anthropology
Colin Marston, Graduate Student, Columbia University, Journalism 2018
Annette Martin, Graduate Student, Philosophy, 5th year
Gage Martin, Graduate Student, Boston College, Math
Sydney Martin, Undergraduate Student, Gallatin Senior
Ananda Martin-Caughey, Graduate Student, Sociology
Aurora Masuelli, Civil, UCLA, Fine Arts- 2021
Nicholas Matlin, GSAS Alum, English PhD 2014
Umberto Mazzei, Graduate Student, Columbia University, Italian 5th year
Esteban O Mazzoni, Faculty, Biology
Jonathan McCombs, Graduate Student, University of Georgia, Geography
Molly McCormick, Undergraduate Student, New College of Florida, English, 2014
Devin McCullen, Alumnus - B.A. '93, M.A. '95
Danielle McDougall, Graduate Student, English, 1st
austin mcdowell, Graduate Student, physics, 3
Kate McIntyre, Graduate Student, Columbia University, English, 2020
Benjamin McKenna, Graduate Student, Mathematics, 3rd Year
Joseph McLaughlin, Graduate Student, English, 2021
Paul McNulty, Graduate Student, Physics, 3rd year PhD
Erik Meddles, Graduate Student, History - 7th Year
Julian Mein, Undergraduate Student, Liberal Studies 2023
Ariel Melamedoff, Graduate Student, Philosophy, 1st year of PhD
Kayla Merriweather, Undergraduate Student, Gallatin School of Individualized Study, 2021
Guilherme Meyer, Graduate Student, NYU, English 2nd
Oli Meyer, Undergraduate Student, 2022
Ben Miller, Graduate Student, Freie Universität zu Berlin, Global History
Emma Mishel, Graduate Student, GSAS, 5th Year
Shayan Momin, Graduate Student, Anthropology
Quentin Montagner, Undergraduate Student
Jasmine R. Montoya, Graduate Student, Georgia State University, Women's, Gender, Sexuality Studies MA 1st year
Rachel Moorman-Minton, Undergraduate Student, Liberal Studies, Junior
Shaina Morris, Friend of student, Johns Hopkins University, Junior; Applied Mathematics
Julia Morrison, Alumna
Natasha Morse, Graduate Student, Biology, 4th year
Peter Moskowitz, community member
Sloppy Mossad, Graduate Student, 2023
Seph Mozes, college student at uchicago signing in solidarity, University of Chicago, theatre and performance studies / gender and sexuality studies, 4th year
suneela mubayi, independent scholar, NYU PhD alum, MEIS class of 2018
William Mullaney, Graduate Student, Princeton, Comp Lit, G2
Pearl Mutnick, Columbia University Class of 2019
Marco Muzio, Graduate Student, Physics 2021
Josie Naron, Graduate Student, Graduate Student, Public History
Christopher Natoli, Graduate Student, CUNY, Math, fifth year
Christina Nelson, Graduate Student, Sociology
Brock Nelson, Graduate Student, Chemistry 2018
Sylvie Nelson, Undergraduate Student, Tisch Drama, junior
Jennifer Neuman, Undergraduate Student, Gallatin 2020
Savannah Newbern, Undergraduate Student, ECU, Urban and Regional Planning
Lydia Newkirk, Graduate Student, Rutgers University, Linguistics, fifth year PhD
Lucy Newman, member of the general public
Chris Nickell, Graduate Student, Music, 6th Year
Anesu Nyatanga, Undergraduate Student, Social & Cultural Analysis
Michelle Esther O'Brien, Graduate Student, Sociology
Sarah X O'Connor, Undergraduate Student, University of Rochester
Kelley O'Dell, NYU MA Alumnus, The New School, Anthropology, currently graduating MA
Nicholas O’Toole, Undergraduate Student, 2021
Edward Obrecht, Undergraduate Student, Tufts
Andres Olan-Vazquez, Graduate Student, Anthropology 2nd Year
Catherine Olsen, Aluma of NYU, Applied Psychology Class of 2015
Ayesha Omer, Graduate Student, Media, Culture, and Communication, 5th Year
Jordan Orosco, Graduate Student, Biology 3rd year
Anastasiya Osipova, Faculty
Hauke Oßwald, Graduate Student, Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn, Philosophy 3
Andrew Oughton, Graduate Student, Indiana University, Bloomington, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, 1st yesr
Zehao Pan, Undergraduate Student, Duke University, 2023
Sagar P Panchal, Undergraduate Student, Gallatin '17
Dylan Park, Undergraduate Student, Ls Program 2023
Daniel Parker, Graduate Student, University of Manchester, English Literature and American Studies
Ryan Parker, Graduate Student, Steinhardt 2019
Sara Partridge, Graduate Student, GSAS 2020
Sara Partridge, Graduate Student, English, 2020
Anne Pasek, Graduate Student, MCC, Year 5
Ma’Laja Patton, Undergraduate Student, CAS Sophomore (2022)
Max Paukner, Graduate Student, GSAS chemistry, first year
Micah Pegues, Undergraduate Student, Gallatin
Colette Perold, Graduate Student, Media, Culture, and Communication
Matthew Perry, Undergraduate Student, Social and Cultural Analysis; 2019
William Peterson, Student, Portland State University, 2019
Paulina Pineda, Graduate Student, Princeton, G2
Sarina Porcella, Graduate Student, Biology 5th
Jean-Marc Pruit, Graduate Student, Texas State University, Political Science ‘21
Angelica Puzio, Graduate Student, Applied Psychology, 3rd Year
Michael Quigley, Graduate Student, Music Technology
Pradeep Reddy Raamana, Postdoc, University of Toronto, Neuroscience
Melina Rabin, Undergraduate Student, Tisch Drama, 1st year
Adithya Rachakulla, Undergraduate Student, Economics 2022
Ramin Rahni, Graduate Student
Shela Raman, Graduate Student, English, MA, 2017
Sharon Ramati, Graduate Student, Chemistry 2018
Alexandria Ramos, Graduate Student, NYU English, Year 4
Pallavi Rao, Graduate Student, Indiana University Bloomington, Media School, 5th year
Kushan Ratnayake, Alum, Johns Hopkins University, Mechanical Engineering 2018
Jennifer Lauren Ray, Graduate Student, Social Psychology 2017
Vishal Reddy, Graduate Student, NYU Law '21
Arjun reddy, Alumnus, NYU, Stern 19
Grace Redman, Undergraduate Student, Tisch, 2022
Hannah Rice, Graduate Student, Yale, Spanish, 2020
Olivia Rich, Graduate Student, NYU Law 2020
Daniel Richardson, Undergraduate Student
Zach Rivers, Graduate Student, Comparative Literature, 6th year
Javier Robledo, Graduate Student, Physics 2023
Shaunna Rodrigues, Graduate Student, Columbia University, MESAAS, 4th Year
Lori Rodriguez, Communications, Abortion Care Network, N/a
Luke Roelofs, Faculty, Philosophy Postdoc
Kevin Rogan, Faculty, The New School, Urban studies
Eva Rosenfeld, Undergraduate Student, Harvard University, Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality, second year
Cole Russo, Undergraduate Student, UNR, Chemical Engineering Freshman
Jon S., Alumnus, Sarah Lawrence College, Russian 2005
Jared Sacks, Graduate Student, Columbia University, MESAAS
Maggie Sager, Graduate Student, MEIS
Salvador Vargas Salfate, Graduate Student, GSAS (master in Psych) 2018-2020
Michael Salgarolo, Graduate Student, History
Vasantha Sambamurti, Graduate Student, University of Arkansas, MFA in Fiction 2023
Alejandro Naranjo Sandoval, Graduate Student, Princeton, Philosophy G4
Victoria Santamorena, Graduate Student, English, 2nd year
Ethan Sapir, Undergraduate Student, Tisch Senior
Sonica Saraf, Staff
Wyatt Sarafin, Graduate Student, Harvard English,, NYU English MA '19
Federica Sartori, Graduate Student, Biology 3
Rebecca C. Sausville, Graduate Student, Classics, Fifth year
Eli Savage, Undergraduate Student, University of Pittsburgh, Studio Arts, 3rd
Amina Sayeed, Undergraduate Student, MCC
Amber Scalera, Undergraduate Student, Steinhardt senior
Logan Schachtner, Graduate Student, Biology, 4th
Connor Schell, Undergraduate Student, Applied Psychology, 3rd year
Emma Schertz, alumnus, Liberal Studies, 2017
Aaron Schlosser, Alumnus, Yale University, GSAS
Tobias Schraink, Graduate Student
Eva Schreiner, Graduate Student, Columbia University, Architecture History, 4th year
Allison Semenza, Alumna, ReMu, 2011
Ankit Sethi, Alumni, Rice University, Electrical & Computer Engineering, 2015
saumya sethia, Graduate Student, Delhi University, English, 2019
Erin Shannon, Graduate Student, University of York, Education
Daniel Sharp, Graduate Student, Philosophy, 4th year
Haley Shea, Undergraduate Student, Steinhardt senior
Adelaida Shelley, Alumni
Niyati Shenoy, Graduate Student, Columbia University
Olivia sher, Undergraduate Student, Gallatin Sophmore
Keri Shi, Undergraduate Student, Philosophy
Cicely Shillingford, Graduate Student, Chemistry, 4th year graduate
Matt Shutzer, Graduate Student, History, 2012
Nicholas R Silcox, Graduate Student, NYU, English Ph.D., 1st year
Ethan silverman, Alumni, NYU, Music 2016
Kaitlin Singer, Undergraduate Student, NYU, Kanbar Institute of Film and TV 2022
Yuvraj Singh, Graduate Student, Chemistry 2018
Serrena Singh, Undergraduate Student, Neural Science
Amir Singh, Undergraduate Student, St. John's University, College of Professional Studies, 2021
Sushmita Sircar, Graduate Student, English
Sarah Sklaw, Graduate Student, History - Candidate
Sheldon Skoboloff, High school student, Coronado High School, Senior
Stephen Small, Faculty, Biology
Laura Smith, Graduate Student, University of Tennessee
Morgan Smith, Graduate Student, The New School for Social Research, Philosophy
Samuel Smith, Undergraduate Student, UNM, Philosophy 4th year
Jacob Smith, Graduate Student, University of Tennessee
Lindsey Solomon, Alumni, MCC 2013
Akash Sookdeo, Graduate Student, Biology - 3rd year
Samantha Soon, Graduate Student, California College of the Arts, Fine Arts; Visual and Critical Studies 2021
Becca Sosa, Undergraduate Student, Johns Hopkins University, Biology 2021
Sara Spaur, Law Student, NYU, 2020, Graduate Student
Amelia Spooner, Graduate Student, Columbia University, History (3rd-yr PhD)
Jake Stanley, Alumnus, Duke University; Higher Education Organizer, SEIU, Duke University, English 2012
James Staples, Faculty, NYU, English
Gavin Stewart, Graduate Student, Mathematics Y3
Rachel Stone, unaffiliated
Lourdes Stone, High school student
Kate Storey-Fisher, Graduate Student, Physics, 2nd Year
Dorothy Stringer, Faculty, Temple U
Tanav Suman, Undergraduate Student, Stern 2023
Zachary Sustiel, Graduate Student
Julia Tanenbaum, Graduate Student, UCLA, Library and Information Science
Austin Tang, Undergraduate Student, 2023
Julio David Tavarez, Alum, Williams College, 2019
Katharine Tell, Alumni, Comparative Literature ‘19
AD Tenn, Graduate Student
Devin Thomas, Graduate Student, Comparative Literature
Peyton Thomas, Freelance Journalist
Augusta Thomson, Graduate Student, Anthropology, 2021
Rebecca Thursten, Alumni, English
Chris Tiede, Graduate Student, Physics 4th Year
Sydney Tisch, Staff, Pace University
Sean Toland, Graduate Student, Princeton, German
Iva Tomevska, Graduate Student, NYUAD 2021
Daniel Tomkovicz, Undergraduate Student, Tisch Film 2021
Kasane Tonegawa, Undergraduate Student, Steinhardt, 2020
Madi Torrez, Undergraduate Student, Johns Hopkins, Psychology, 2020
Andrew Tripp, Graduate Student, Queens College, CUNY
Jennifer Trowbridge, Graduate Student, Anthropology
Tommy Tsao, Alumni, MCC, 2016
Vince Vittorio T. Turiano, Undergraduate Student, University of the Philippines Diliman, Philosophy
Jordan Turkomani, Unaffiliated
Gabrielle Uribe, Alum
Arianne Sedef Urus, Graduate Student, History
Timothy Valshtein, Graduate Student, Psychology, 3rd year
Christopher VanDemark, Graduate Student, GSAS 2021
Colin Vanderburg, Graduate Student, English, 1st year PhD
Jennifer Varela, Graduate Student, MEIS, 2019
Natalia Vargas, Undergraduate Student, Sociology, 2020
Madison Vaughan, Undergraduate Student, University of Texas, Cockrell School of Engineering, First Year
David Vaughn, Supporter, Albertus Magnus
Alexander M Vaughn, Undergraduate Student, Boise State University, Philosophy 2nd
Troy Vettese, Graduate Student, GSAS 2013
Nantina Vgontzas, Graduate Student, Sociology
Karyn Vilbig, Graduate Student, Sociology
Eric Virzi, Graduate Student, UNCC, Philosophy
Burcu Vitrinel, Graduate Student, Biology
Christine Vogel, Faculty, Biology
Digvijay Wadekar, Graduate Student, 4th year Physics
Harron Walker, journalist
Dominic Walker, Graduate Student, Columbia University, Sociology
Ryan Wang, Undergraduate Student
Chuyan Wang, Undergraduate Student, SCIE, Sophomore
Han Wang, Graduate Student, Department of Mathematics, fourth year
Elizabeth Wang, Undergraduate Student, 3rd year
Duncan Watts, Staff, Johns Hopkins University, Physics and Astronomy
Sally Weathers, Graduate Student, Comparative Literature, 3
Laura Weinthal, Alumni, University of California, Berkeley, History of Art, Class of 2018
Shayna Weiss, NYU GSAS Alumni, Brandeis, HJS 2015
Loy Weissman, Undergraduate Student, Tisch 2020
Kevin Wells, Graduate Student, Sociology, 2nd Year
Kevin White, Alumni, Arizona State University, Earth and Space Exploration, 2018
Peter Whitney, Graduate Student, Biology 3rd year
Megan Wiessner, Graduate Student, MCC PhD
Lauren Wilfong, NYU Law Student, Law School 2021
Jordan Wilson, Graduate Student
Liz Wilson, New Yorker in general, Utah State University
Ella Wind, Graduate Student, Sociology, Graduate student
Maya Wind, Graduate Student, SCA
Zavier Wingham, Graduate Student, History/MEIS (Entered: Fall, 2017)
Joshua Wirth, Undergraduate Student, Tandon 2023
Sophie Wisenbaker, Undergraduate Student, 1st year
Lauren K. Wolfe, Graduate Student, Comparative Literature, 6th year
Aree Worawongwasu, Alumni, NYU, Gallatin 2019
Eloise Wright, Postdoc, University of Michigan
Elizabeth Wrigley-Field, Alumna: CAS Class of 2005; GSAS Class of 2006, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, NYU degrees: Sociology BA, 2005; Philosophy MA, 2006
Cat Wvka, Alumnus, Media, Culture & Communications, 2017
Stephanie Xiao, Undergraduate Student, IR 2023
Xingchen Xu, Graduate Student, NYU, Physics, 4th year Grad student
Qi Xu, Graduate Student, Psychology (graduate this May)
Yansong Xue, Undergraduate Student, University of Edinburgh, PPLS 2023
Phil Yakushev, Graduate Student, Rutgers, Comparative Literature, 2nd Year
Akihiro Yamaguchi, Graduate Student
Shengqi Yang, Graduate Student, Physics 2016
Tenney Yang, Undergraduate Student, CAS 2022
Jackson Yeomans, Undergraduate Student, Kanbar School of Film and Television 2022
Rani Yeung, Graduate Student, GSAS Biology, 7th year
Laura Yoder, Graduate Student, English
Daniel Brinkerhoff Young, Graduate Student, Philosophy
Gabriel Young, Graduate Student, History and MEIS, 2nd-year
Scar Young, Concerned citizen, Columbia College Chicago
Ege Yumusak, Graduate Student, Harvard, Philosophy 2017
Joseph Zakko, Alumnus, Tisch Film/TV, 2017
Kyle Zarif, Graduate Student, Columbia, History, first year MA
Helen Zhao, Graduate Student, Columbia, Philosophy, 2nd
Sabrina Zhao, Undergraduate Student, Gallatin, 3rd Year
Michelle Zheng, Outside participant
Benjamin Zinevich, Undergraduate Student, Social and Cultural Analysis, 2019
Anonymous, Graduate Student, Physics
Shaneela, Graduate Student, Chemistry
#JHToo, Campus activist organization, Johns Hopkins University
Hassan, Researcher, Columbia University, Physics
Sam, Undergraduate Student, 2020
Anonymous, Undergraduate Student, Columbia University
Maia, Undergraduate Student, Oklahoma Christian university, Marketing 2019
Fanny, Undergraduate Student, GLS 2021
Ivanna, Undergraduate Student, Computer Science 2021
Patricia, J.D., Rutgers, 2016
Anonymous, Graduate Student, Harvard, Divinity G1
Darcy, Undergraduate Student, University of New Hampshire, Political science junior
Hannah, Undergraduate Student, 2022
Arun, Graduate Student, Electrical And Computer Engineering, 2020
Siyu, Graduate Student, Tandon 2015
Josh, Undergraduate Student, CAS 2022
Anonymous, Graduate Student
Claire, Undergraduate Student, Politics
Rodger, Undergraduate Student, Notre Dame, Business 2023
Sarah, Undergraduate Student, 2021
Anon, Undergraduate Student, Cs 2021
Krishna, Undergraduate Student, CAS Sophomore
Dylan, Undergraduate Student, CAS 2021
Claire, Undergraduate Student, Senior, graduation 2020
Brooke, Undergraduate Student, 2021
Natalia, Undergraduate Student, University of Houston, Business
Jennifer, Undergraduate Student, Nova Southeastern University, Department of Psychology 2022
Anonymous, Undergraduate Student, UC Berkeley, Computer Science Junior
Nikole, Undergraduate Student
Winifred, Undergraduate Student, LS 2023
Sydney, Undergraduate Student, CAS 2021
Anonymous, Graduate Student, UGA
Marc, Undergraduate Student, Tisch Drama 2021
Cecilia, Undergraduate Student, UMass Lowell, Art sophomore
Milda, Undergraduate Student
Jae-Yeon, Graduate Student, English
Jennifer, Undergraduate Student
Jennifer, Undergraduate Student
Darren, Undergraduate Student, Rutgers, Business Sophomore
Marjorie, Undergraduate Student, Baruch College
Kristina, Undergraduate Student, NYU, CAS 2020
Anonymous, Graduate Student, CalArts, music 2019
Colette, Graduate Student, MCC 2020
Matthew, Undergraduate Student, UC Davis, Letter & Science 2023
Chloe, Undergraduate Student
Pris, Undergraduate Student, CAS 2023
Ruochen, Undergraduate Student, HKUST, Business Intelligence, 2022
John, Undergraduate Student, Duke university, 2023
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