We need you to help us find the most FABU-LOCO Theme possible to represent our community during Carnaval 2019!

Thank you for taking the time to contribute to Loco Bloco's Carnaval Theme selection process and for giving us your creativity and ideas! The first step in the process is submitting a Theme Statement using the form below.

*Please keep in mind that we always aim to have our Carnaval Theme reflect our community and Mission Statement: Loco Bloco’s mission is to promote San Francisco youth’s healthy transition into adulthood by engaging them in the creation and performance of music, dance, and theater rooted in Afro-Latino traditions. Loco Bloco encourages its youth to use multicultural art forms as a tool for their own empowerment and as a catalyst to help them overcome discrimination and bring about change in their communities.*

For more questions, feel free to email us at

Helpful questions to ask yourself before submitting:

How does this theme connect to Loco Bloco's History and/or Mission Statement?

Have you tried to explain this theme to a youth and do they seem to understand the concept?

Can you see it rocked on a t-shirt and banner?

If you were able to answer these questions positively then you are ready to submit!

Best of Luck, and remember, all that is done with love is reciprocated.

What is a Carnaval Theme Statement?
A Carnaval Theme is the artistic vision and social message that will guide Loco Bloco's 2019 Carnaval contingent. Costumes, music, choreography, float and t-shirts will all be based on the chosen theme.

Hella Loco Carnaval 2013

This Carnaval 2013, we are hella excited to present the inexplicably infectious blend of Bay grown music, dance and people that paint our memories and visions of home. Mixing and remixing Bay Funk, Hip Hop, & Latin Fusion artistic creations, we aim to gather around the heart beat of The City to express the uniquely local yet international cultural and creative influences of our Bay Area.

Incorporating participants across our community-based programs– all the new, old, and returning faces, the children, the babies, youth, youthful spirits, adults, los abuelos, our families, the homies, creative thinkers and artists, students and educators, the hustlers on their grind, the bi-lingual, bi-cultural, the urban dwellers and nature lovers the hippy-thug-players, the free-spirits and the internationally-minded, the organizers, the entrepreneurs and the revolutionaries– this Carnaval season Loco Bloco will celebrate the community that we are and the community that we strive to be and our unified actions in this place. We’re out here, Bay Area
Colors: orange, black & white

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