DSxD Fall 2022 Pitches and Mini Grants 
Deadline for Pitches and Mini Grants with this form: October 14, 2022

We are looking for contributions to a new printed anthology with the theme of "Our Environment". This is an opportunity for you to outline your idea and get feedback from the DSxD community about whether it is within scope of the anthology (remember the piece will be presented in 1-5 pages of a book).  More info on submission here: http://datasciencebydesign.org/book-2

Mini Grants: we understand that for many there are financial reasons that may make it hard to participate. For this reason we are happy to be able to provide small grants for individuals or groups to create projects and develop their submission pieces. You can pitch us an idea with or without a grant application by October 14th. (More details about grants can be found here. We will read these and get feedback and decisions back to contributors by October 21, 2022. 

Note: final submissions will then be due by November 21, 2022. Please use this form for full submissions.
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Please include a few sentences describing your background and current career stage (data, art, design, analytics, research, etc.) *
What is the title of your project? A working version of your title. We understand that this may change before the piece is final. (Length: 3- 10 words) *
What is the scope of your project?  Tell us what the final deliverable will be: what do you want to present to the world by submission deadline?  Consider the time constraints when defining your scope! It may help to think about a Plan A your dream and Plan B the “good enough” version.  Again, the work will be presented in a printed anthology, so your piece will have to be presented in 1-5 pages of a book and be connected to this years theme "Our Environment". (Length: 2 - 5 sentences) *
What is your connection to the theme of the anthology? Tell us how you think your work connects to the theme of “Our Environment”. This is open to broad  interpretation!  (Length: 2 - 5 sentences) *
How is your piece relevant to data?  Tell us what data you will explore, what data-based results you will share in an accessible way, or what data-centric concept or methodological approach you will explain to a broad audience. (Length: 2- 5 sentences) *
Who is your audience? Tell us who you are trying to reach with this work and why. (Length: 2 - 5 sentences) *
If there is a monetary barrier to you pursuing your idea and you would like to be considered for a small grant to help you work on the piece, let us know below with the amount of money ($100 - $350).  

Grant decisions are made based on your pitch for the project, how the idea fits with the theme of book, and your unique perspectives in data. 
**Optional** Demographic info:  We want to ensure  our applicant are diverse both in career stage  and demographics. Here we ask for demographic information so we can measure how well we're doing. Again, sharing this information is optional.  I identify as (click all that apply)…
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