Last Fall '18 Shabbat Dinner, 12/14 @6:00pm
Join us for Shabbat Dinner in the comfort and deliciousness of family, as we say farewell to valuable seniors.
We are located at 54 Turner St, past the railroad tracks, the last home on the block.

Looking forward to warming up our souls and minds together,
Chanie and Peretz and the Chabad Student Board

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Last Shabbat Dinner Setup on Friday@2pm (!)
Here's an opportunity to show your gratefulness because being grateful really shouldn't be optional: Please contribute towards a surprise gift for Anabela, an angel, who prepares the food for all the Shabbat Dinners you've enjoyed and helps ensure the deliciousness of each evening. If this isn't your first time joining, please show your appreciation by contributing (suggested contribution $5 or any amount is appreciated) through Venmo @chabadbrandeis or Paypal (note Anabela). You can also bring cash to the Chabad House and accompany it with your name (not on Shabbat though:), or you can even bring your own gift. Thank you for being a mentsh! This gift will be given towards the end of December and all contributor's names will be written out. *
In addition, we welcome your words that will accompany Anabela's gift. She will see it, alongside your name.
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Parent Info-please share yours as we conclude a fantastic semester!
You may not know this, but the resources to underwrite the Chabad House and all its activities comes entirely from funds raised by Peretz and Chanie. There is no support from any outside organization, including Chabad International or Brandeis University.

Part of our fundraising comes from parents of students who appreciate and value what we do. This is done by sharing with them what is happening at Chabad, including special opportunities for parents, and periodically asking for their support.

We would greatly appreciate it if you would share your parents' info with us.
Much love,
Peretz and Chanie

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