For a student to apply for parking the following must be provided:
1. Obligation Free Record
2. $50 cash or check
3. Drivers License (not permit)
4. Insurance on the vehicle being driven. Insurance must be maintained through the school year
5. Terms for campus parking must be accepted by both student and parent signature

Driving a vehicle to school is a privilege that is granted to students who have a valid Oklahoma driver’s license and current vehicle insurance and are willing to abide by the rules of Deer Creek High School. All vehicles are to be registered. The following are requirements for parking on campus:
· The cost of a parking permit is $50 - Second semester cost is $25.
· All vehicles must be registered before a student is allowed to drive his/her vehicle to school.
· In order to register a vehicle, the student must show proof of insurance and a valid driver’s license.
· Students will be assigned to park in either the North or West parking lot in areas designated for student parking.
Students are not allowed to park in staff parking marked DC
· Students are not allowed to change parking lots during lunch or class changes.
· Students are not to be in any parking lot or car during the school day.
· Students who violate the rules for parking will be fined $20.00 for the first offense, $30.00 for second offense, $40.00 for third offense and the fourth offense will result in loss of driving privileges for the remainder of the school year. Fines may not be appealed. Students who are in the parking lot at an inappropriate time will be subject to disciplinary action.
· Driving privileges may also be revoked for other disciplinary reasons.
· Parking decals should be displayed and visible at all times.

Students are responsible to search their own vehicle and ensure no prohibited items are in their vehicles before driving on to school property. School officials have the right with reasonable suspicion to search vehicles located on campus during the school day and during school activities.
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Student- I have been informed where I am allowed to park, therefore I understand I cannot park anywhere else on campus.I understand that I am not allowed to park in the central parking or at the Multi-sport building for any reason at any time. By writing my initials below, I agree to the terms of this agreement *
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