(An Ever-Growing) Reading List
What texts are integral to an art library?

We are shaped by our curriculums, both formal and informal. We are all part of unconscious echo-chambers, forming narratives and new knowledge from the resources we are exposed to.

In an attempt to widen our reading lists, to realign our frames of reference, and to listen to those not represented in existing collections, Melbourne Art Library is building (An Ever-Growing) Reading List.

As a public resource, these lists will hopefully bring some under-appreciated titles to light, and encourage conversations around the importance of curriculums and popular texts in shaping histories and cultural identities.

This list will also be used as a key resource by our librarians when considering new acquisitions for the MAL collection. We will take particular note of titles that are not currently held in public collections in Naarm, and those that are suggested multiple times.

This list has been developed through reaching out directly to contributors and welcoming contributions from the general public. This list will be updated regularly, with titles added in order or submission.

You can read our current Reading List/Wish List here: www.melbourneartlibrary.org.au/reading-list

Help us acquire titles by donating at: https://australianculturalfund.org.au/projects/library-launch-mal/

Please add your suggestions below!!
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