Donations for Tree San Diego Auction: Tribute to Trees
Tree San Diego supports the ecologically sound use and reuse of wood and other tree-derived products. Our aim in conducting this auction event is to celebrate and spread awareness of the varied tree products that enhance our lives.

We’re looking for donations of all tree-related items. Please refrain from donating items made from tree materials that are sourced through environmentally destructive or unethical ways. This includes products made from the illegal logging of old growth forests, or from wood shipped long distances and places where the local community and ecosystem are not respected.

Our favorite woods are those sourced right here in Southern California from trees that were slated for the landfill and then salvaged. If you're donating something that is gently used, make sure it is in excellent condition.

Donation Ideas:

Wooden home goods, tours, apparel, art, coffee tables, event tickets, gardening equipment, packaged food derived from trees, books, toys, walking sticks, wood slabs, jewelry, sculptures, eatingware, B&B, saplings, musical instruments, biochar, clothing, crafts

Please fill out contact info for the person who has possession of the donated item.

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