Eastwood SDA Church New Event Form
We just need a few questions answered in order to notify the church and/or community of your upcoming event/announcement!

Please email your event poster/flyer in a DOCX, JPEG, or PDF format to events@eastwoodsda.org!

For church bulletin information (scripture reading, special music, organ musical selections, etc.) please follow these two steps: 1) Fill in the relevant information under the "Event Description/Bulletin Information" heading and 2) Check the box for "Church Bulletin" under the "Where would you like your event advertised?" heading. Click "Submit". Thank you!

Event Name
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Event Date
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Event Start and End Time
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Event Location
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Event Description/Bulletin Information
Keep in mind that what is written for this description will be copied word-for-word into the bulletin or Facebook announcements, depending on what methods you select for advertising. If you have specific wording for the bulletin and different wording for Facebook, please include both below. Edits will be made at the discretion of the Communications Team. *Please use this area to write in who will be doing scripture reading, special music, etc. For example: Scripture Reading - Jane Doe*
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Where would you like your upcoming event advertised?
Target Group (Who is invited?)
If you selected Facebook Event Boost for advertising, what is your budget?
A higher cost will mean more people could be reached. The longer the event is "boosted", the higher the cost.
Will childcare be provided or a children's program provided during the main event? If yes, please explain.
If YES, please consider contacting the Children's Ministries Head for assistance.
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Will there be a need for extra food at potluck or a special meal during the event?
If YES, please indicate if it's for extra food at potluck or a special meal. If it's extra food for potluck, the Communications Team will email the church members about 1 week prior to the event to ask members to bring extra food. If it's a special meal, it is your responsibility to contact the Head Deaconess and Head Deacons to help facilitate the meal.
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Who will write a follow-up story about the event afterward?
The follow-up story/event recap will appear on the Church Website, Facebook, Faithpoints, or Visitor closely following the event, if the above advertising methods are selected. Please keep in mind we will contact this person for the story shortly after the event. If you don't have someone who is able to do a write-up, please indicate that below and the Communications Team can help find someone to help you.
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Who will take pictures of the event?
The photographer will be contacted at the end of the event so pictures can be promptly placed on Facebook or Church Website, depending on what method(s) is/are selected above. If you don't have someone who is able to take pictures, please indicate that below and the Communications Team can find someone to help you.
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Special Instructions
Please include any special instructions for the Communications Team that you may have.
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Event Coordinator Name & Contact Information
Please include the Event Coordinator's name and phone number or email address, whichever is best to use if the Communications Team has any questions. This is the person who is coordinating and planning the event. Most likely a Ministry or Department Head.
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Please email your event poster/flyer in a DOCX, JPEG or PDF format to events@eastwoodsda.org!
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