Book Tour: Affliction by Marilee Brothers (10-12 Oct)
Title: Affliction
Author: Marilee Brothers
Release Date:
Tour Dates: 10-12 October

Lie to a soul seeker, live to regret it.


Twenty-two year old Honor Melanie (Mel) Sullivan has an affliction. Due to childhood trauma and inappropriate social behavior, she is diagnosed with Aspergers, a form of autism. But, Mel knows Aspergers is not her true affliction. She prefers not to gaze into a person’s eyes because she is a soul reader, and what she sees can be frightening. It can also get Mel into trouble.

After a brush with the law, Mel leaves her family home in Southern California and travels to Oregon where she meets Harley-Davidson riding William McCarty (Billy the Kid) and stumbles upon a human trafficking/baby-selling scheme involving a foreign girl from Kazakhstan and others. Even though Mel’s life is in danger, she won’t stop until she finds the answers that will help those unable to help themselves.

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