CVTC Citation Appeal Request
Please complete this form to dispute a parking citation issued by CVTC Department of Public Safety within 5 business days of citation being issued. This is a request for citation review only and submittal of this request does not mean your citation will be automatically dismissed. The decision of the parking appeal is final. Therefore, if you have any evidence supporting your reason for contesting the citation please attach it to an email and send it to, Any falsification or misrepresentation of information may result in disciplinary action.

Reasons why your parking citation will NOT be dismissed:
• Lack of legal or convenient parking space
• No one else got a citation
• Classes were not in session
• If your vehicle was unattended, it was parked
• Parked in same area and never received citation before
• Ignorance of WI State Laws and/or CVTC parking regulations
• I didn’t intend to do it or didn’t see the sign
• The fine is too much and/or lack of funds
• “My other car has a permit or it was in my glove box, cup holder, etc”

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