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Human Rights Association (HRA) is a youth network which unites organizations and individuals who are actively involved or interested in the human rights work. We support the process of development of strong civil society which will have value based connection to human rights, democracy, participation and diversity. The need of establishing the organization was significantly contributed by the success of the campaign of the Council of Europe - No Hate Speech Movement in the processes of promoting human rights.

We offer:

- Participation in the projects and programmes initiated and implemented by the Human Rights Association and its partners;
- Educational courses for member organizations, initiative groups and individuals;
- Participation in different international projects and programs;
- Informing the members about initiatives implemented on national, regional and international levels;
- Spreading the information about the member organizations and its projects and programmes through mailing list;
- Supporting the development process of member organizations (strategic management, project writing and managing, campaigning and etc.);
- Supporting the members in partnership building on national, regional and international levels;
- Supporting the partnership based projects between the members;

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