Registration: CAIR at Davidson 2019
Hello! We are thrilled to be hosting the Collegiate Alliance for Immigration Reform Conference at Davidson this year. The Conference will be held from Friday March 29th to Sunday March 31. REGISTER BY MARCH 6.

Immigration doesn't have a specific identity marker. We've intentionally decided to make this conference about inclusivity and community. We recognize that the national discourse on immigration is Latinx-Centric; we hope to make this about all of us. We want as much representation from every immigrant community/advocate in the country. The conference is FREE, but you are responsible for transportation to/from Davidson (driving) or to/from the Charlotte Airport (flying).

Registration is FREE and there will be several FREE shuttles to/from Charlotte International Airport at specific times. In addition, we will provide FREE meals for the duration of the conference and FREE swag! Davidson students will host participants for FREE; this will be the housing situation.
By participating in the conference you agree to be recorded/photographed and to potentially appear on social media platforms.

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Friday March 29-Sunday March 31. We want to feed you well and reduce food waste, please answer honestly.
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FREE and GUARANTEED IF you register by Tuesday March 1.
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