Entertainment In-Home Interviews- December 2019

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We are currently recruiting for an in-home session on the topic of Entertainment.

The 2-hour in-home sessions will compensate $200 and will be held on the following dates/locations:

-Chicago: December 17th-20th
-Los Angeles: December 19th-20th

If you are interested in participating please fill out the survey below.

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Harry Potter
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Fantastic Beasts
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Star Wars
Despicable Me / Minions
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On a scale of 0 to 10, where 0 means “not a fan at all” and 10 means “a huge fan,” how much of a fan are you of: *
Harry Potter
The Simpsons
Wonder Woman
Marvel’s Avengers
Star Wars
Despicable Me / Minions
Fantastic Beasts
How many Harry Potter movies have you seen? *
How many of the original Harry Potter books have you read? *
In the last year, have you done any of the following for Harry Potter? *
Watched Harry Potter movie(s) or TV show(s) on a DVD, Blue-Ray, 4K, digital download, or as they air on TV
Read / listened to Harry Potter book(s), comic book(s), or graphic novel(s)
Played Harry Potter console, PC, or mobile game(s)
Engaged digitally with Harry Pottery, such as visited WizardingWorld.com, watched videos online, searched online for Harry Potter news or content, or liked/followed a Harry Potter related social media account
Bought / received Harry Potter-related products (e.g. toys, clothes)
Have you ever done any of the following activities related to Harry Potter? *
Contributed to/written on a fan site, blog, or commentary site (e.g. MuggleNet) related to Harry Potter
Created a Harry Potter-themed video and posted it to a site like YouTube
Created or moderated an online community or group related to Harry Potter
Made a Harry Potter-related web-based series or commentary show
If you have kids, has your son or daughter read Harry Potter, had Harry Potter read to them, or seen the movies?
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If you have kids: On a scale of 1-10, how do you think your son or daughter would rate their affinity for Harry Potter? 1 means they dislike Harry Potter and 10 means they love Harry Potter.
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For this research, we would need you to participate in a 2-hour in-person research study which will take place either in your home or at a location nearby. The research team will include a moderator and possibly 2-3 researchers. The entire interview will be video recorded and for research purposes only. You would be paid $200 for your participation. Does this sound like something you would be interested in participating in? *
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