2019 ITK Community Yearly Survey
The Insight Software Consortium is making long term plans for the continued prosperity of ITK. This survey will help us serve the community better and keep the toolkit viable and relevant to the scientific community for decades to come. We would like to ask for 5 minutes of your time to provide feedback. With respect for your privacy, results from the survey will be anonymized before they are shared with the community.
How often do you use ITK? *
How do you use ITK? (check all that apply) *
What field do you work in (check all that apply) *
What domain do you primarily work in? *
What, if any, is your programming background? *
What successes have you had that were enabled by ITK? Are there any recent publications or products that have used ITK?
For recent publications, please provide citable references.
How could ITK better serve your research and product development needs?
What documentation improvements would you find most helpful?
What areas of improvement or features would you like to see in future versions?
Example areas could include IO, pre-processing, segmentation, registration, post-processing.
What community-building activities would you like to see?
Is your group interested in participating in multi-party funding of ITK?
Are you willing to be contacted to provide a letter of support for grant applications?
If so, what is your contact email?
Your email will be kept confidential, and only used to request letters of support for grant applications or multi-party funding of ITK.
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