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Deadline September 17th 2018
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All team members must have completed some basic film training. Training may have been completed through a post-secondary institution, a filmmaking cooperative, an artist-run centre, on the job or can be self-taught. Please indicate how each Team Member meets this criterion.
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Directors must have held a key creative role (Director or Writer on a completed film or video work).
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Script (Max 6 pages). Script development is a major component of the FILM 5 program. Applicants should not apply with a script they consider to be completely finished. Scripts should be suitable in length for a five minute short and should not propose special effects or technical requirements beyond what is generally available. PDF only *
Letter of Intent from each Team member. Please explain in your letter what you hope to gain by participating in the program,and how it fits into your overall professional development as a filmmaker. You can also use this space to explain any unclear eligibility criteria or feasibility issues arising from your script that need more explanation. PDF only *
Director’s Treatment (one page max.) This should be used to discuss the Director’s vision, such as plans for cinematography, sound design, art direction, editing, casting, performance etc. It may be helpful to reference other films and/or to discuss your influences as a filmmaker and artist. PDF only *
Budget in Telefilm format (see template link) Use the amended template provided, which separates cash and in kind services. Delete or “hide” lines and categories that do not apply to your project (your budget should not be 30 pages long). It is not necessary to include the deferred rates of crew or other deferrals external to the FILM 5 sponsorships. PDF Only *
Filmography and Resume for each Team member. For any films listed include your role, the length, format and any awards or screenings. Even if you don’t have a large amount of direct film experience, highlight jobs with transferable skills. PDF Only *
I have read the full application guidelines and agree to the terms of the program as outlined. I confirm that to the best of my knowledge the personal information contained in this application is correct.
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