Breakthrough to You Application
You're ready to breakthrough to you best self and I cannot wait to talk to you about the program to see if it's a good fit. I only accept women into my programs who are


-currently ready to change their mindset about what they are capable of

-wanting to move with love for their bodies

-excited about finding food freedom

-want to learn more about exercise and nutrition
-excited to be supported and also contribute to a group
 of badass women
-are coachable and serious about digging in to their goals

-going to have FUN while building the life and body of their dreams

After filling out this application, I'll reach out to you within 24-48 hours to set up a call.

Cannot wait to talk!


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What has your exercise routine looked like for the past 3 months?  *
How would you rate your food choices?  *
Help! I'm lost.
How would you describe your body image? *
What do you think would improve your workout routine, body image, and food choices? *
What are your fitness goals? Tell me both short term and long term! This can be body or non-body related and include nutrition goals as well. *
What do you think has held you back from reaching your goals in the past? *
Why do you want to work with Angela and join the Breakthrough to You program? *
How well do you take action on your own? *
Need all the support!
All me, all the time!
The idea of working out and sharing feelings/experiences with other amazing women.... *
At this time, are you excited to invest time, money, and energy into yourself? *
Is anyone else making this decision with you? * *
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