Yogi Tea for White Tantric Yoga
Kundalini Yoga Portland is looking for volunteers to make & bring yogi tea to the Oregon Convention Center on May 12 for the White Tantric Yoga course. If you are able to bring it hot (in a press pot) - great! Otherwise we'll be heating it up on site. We are asking that each volunteer bring AT LEAST ONE GALLON. If you are able to bring more than one gallon, great!

You will need:
Time to simmer the tea (a few hours at least)
Pot(s) that fits one gallon of water
A glass or metal container(s) to transport the tea - with your name and phone number on them!!
Yogi tea spices...

TWO OPTIONS for sourcing ingredients :
1) We can provide you with bulk spices (and black tea) - place your order by April 26 and pick up weekend of April 27-29.
2) Provide your own and use the recipe below (so we have a consistent product)


Bring one gallon of water to a boil
Add 26 WHOLE CLOVES - watch them dance!
Add 26 WHOLE PEPPERCORNS, 26 crushed CARDAMOM PODS (or a heaping 1/2 tsp. of the seeds), 5 CINNAMON STICKS and about an inch-long chunk of chopped FRESH GINGER (pref. Organic).
Let it simmer with a lid on for a few hours
Towards the end, add 1 Black Tea bag for 5 MINUTES
Let cool and strain into a container to transport.

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