The House Is Now Open - Artist Sign-Up
Our house may be closed at the OSO Arts Centre, but there's no reason for you not to perform in yours!

"The House Is Now Open" is an initiative that aims to connect members of the performing arts community, facilitating remote collaborations.

From the signups received through this form, we'll be organising remote collaborations between actors, writers, singers, composers, musicians, poets, directors, dancers... any and all in the performing arts world are welcome! We want to encourage positive new collaborations between artists, providing a constructive creative outlet and spreading a strong community spirit in this difficult time.

Performing participants will be asked to record their performances, with the final edit of each collaboration being published on our youtube channel.

When the house is finally able to open again at the OSO Arts Centre, a selection of these pieces will be performed at a live showcase in our theatre as a testament to the resilience of the performing arts community.

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