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Welcome to the Coffee an Coding 2017 registration form! There are a few things you need to know before registering:

- By registering you consent that we collect all of the information you've filled in this form and we may use this to check attendance or contacting you with information about the hackathon or MLH. All the contact details will be send to MLH.
- By participating in this hackathon you consent that all the photos or videos taken of you may be used to publish on all Coffee and Coding or MLH social media pages or websites.
- All participants under 16 will need to prove that they have permission of their parent(s) or legal guardian to participate. This may be done by bringing a permission slip or by bringing one of your parents/legal guardian to the hackathon to verbally confirm that you have permission to participate

We will never sell or publish your photos or contact details to third-party organizations and we will not use it in any other way as described here.

You can find more info about how MLH treats your personal info here: and

Event Date: 14-15 October 2017
Event Address:
Launch Cafe
Herestraat 106
9711 LM Groningen

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Rules and code of conduct
To keep this hackathon a safe and welcoming place and a fair competition for everybody we have a set of rules that everyone has to read and comply with.

- Everything has to be build from scratch so don't write any code in advance or use any code you've written before. You may think/brainstorm about an idea but it is NOT allowed to work on any kind of prototype in advance
- Every programming language and framework is allowed as long as it has an active community and is used by different kinds of people
- The minimum age to participate is 14
- Consuming or bringing alcoholic drinks during the event is not permitted
- Soft and hard drugs are strictly forbidden
- It is not allowed to bring or create any harmful objects that are able to hurt others or pose a threat to the hackathon's security
- To participate you need be a high school or college student or have finished a study with a maximum of 12 months since you graduated. Bring a student ID or another piece of proof that you are a student because we will check this at the entrance of the hackathon
- You are obliged to follow the directions of the volunteers and organizers under any circumstances. All organizers and volunteers will be recognizable by their clothing.
- Smoking has to be done at the designated areas
- It is NOT permitted to use or touch someone else his possessions without their consent
- Every participant is responsible for his own possessions that he/she has brought to the hackathon. Coffee and Coding will not accept any responsibility for any stolen, lost or damaged possessions

This event is hosted under a code of conduct provided by MLH which will be strictly enforced during the hackathon. You can read the MLH Code of conduct by clicking this link 6

Anyone who does not follow these rules and the code of conduct can be disqualified or in the worst scenario be kicked out of the hackathon building and be denied access to future hackathons.

I've read and accept the rules and the MLH Code of conduct
I consent that all the contact details filled in and all the photos and videos taken during the hackathon may be used as described at the top of this form
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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