Quiz Bullying/Cyber Bullying
Quiz about bullying.
1.Gender *
2.Have you ever been the target of bullying? *
If you answered No, go to question 10; if you answered Yes, continue.
3.When were you the target of bullying?
4.What type of bullying was it?
5.When/where did the bullying happen?
6. Who did you tell that you were a target of bullying?
7. If you've talked to someone, what happened after?
8. What else did you do while you were the target of bullying?
9. If someone sends you a threatening message online, what would you do?
10. Did you ever bully anyone? *
If No, go to question 12
11. If yes, do you feel bad/regret your actions?
12.Have you ever seen anyone be the target of bullying at your school? *
13.If you answered Yes, how did you react?
14.Class *
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