Iridium Caredrop (Airdrop Spring 2019)
Thanks for participating in the Spring 2019 CAREDROP $IRD Airdrop. Trying something new here. In order to participate

1. Please take a picture of yourself doing something nice (hug someone or shake hands or just smile!).
2. Post on social media and tag @IridiumCash #Caredrop
3. Attach the link to the picture here!

Bring some joy into the world and we will drop some IRD into your wallet!
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Email *
Your twitter info and picture
Please ensure that your account is public and you share the picture with @IridiumCash tagged along with the #CAREDROP $IRD hashtag!
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Your Iridium Wallet
Include all information on the wallet. We would like to understand how people are using Iridium and where to put our efforts.
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