The Jackson Hole Farmers Market on Town Square is a weekly communal event bringing locals, visitors, farmers and the like together on the iconic Jackson Hole Town Square that supports local business, educating the community on healthy food, living and economic sustainability for all ages to enjoy!


Home Area: The “home” area of the Jackson Hole Farmers Market on Town Square includes Jackson Hole and Star Valley, Wyoming and Teton Valley, Idaho.

Neighboring Area: Neighboring areas are towns and communities within a 150 mile radius of Jackson Hole.

Out-of-Area: Any area farther than 150 miles from Jackson Hole. (Exception: All of Wyoming is considered “Neighboring Area”.)

Full Market: Space is limited for admitting a select number of vendors each week in the current growing season. Priority will be given first to home area vendors, then neighboring vendors and out-of-area vendors as space allows. Vendors who commit to all 12 markets receive preferential consideration.

Local Produce: A primary purpose of The Jackson Hole Farmers Market on Town Square is to facilitate and promote the sale of locally and regionally grown produce that benefits that local environment and economy.

Competition and Consumer Choice: The Jackson Hole Farmers Market on Town Square is committed to providing a wide variety of choices and vendor product diversity for patrons.


1. FEES: Fees pay for all administrative costs required to operate year-round and host the farmers market on the town square each summer for over 15 years and helps our organization improve and remain viable well into the future for all to enjoy. Such fees include, but are not limited to: year-round management and recruitment, Town licenses & event permits, advertising and insurance.

i) Accepted vendors are required to pay a flat application fee prior to the first market of the year in order to participate, according to the size booth requested in this application:
a) 10 ft Processing Fee: One-time $35.00 fee is required to reserve a 10ft x 10ft booth space.
b) 20 ft Processing fee: One-time $70.00 fee required to reserve a (maximum) 20ft x 10ft space.

ii) Weekly Non-Profit Contributions: All vendors are required to contribute 10% of their weekly market gross proceeds to the Farmers Market Manager by 12:00 PM that SAME day and prior to departing the Town Square. These funds are collected each week and presented to all participating Non-Profits at the year-end Community Fall Festival.
Said contributions collected by the JH Farmers Market on Town Square throughout each season are donated to all participating Non-Profits of the Week and presented at the year-end Community Fall Festival (also known as the last Farmers Market of the season) on which date all Vendors retain 100% of proceeds made that day.
Thank you for all of your efforts making this such a unique and community-oriented event!

iv) All vendors must commit to the dates selected on their submitted application. Failure to attend any pre-selected market date without notifying a JHFMTS representative within 72 hours may result in a "no-show" fee of $75.00 per event. If you are unable to attend on a particular date, we ask that you contact a market representative as soon as possible so we may accommodate another vendor to fill your space at that time. Emergencies are understood and fee voided with priror notice. The Farmers Market on the Town Square is open RAIN OR SHINE!

2. All vendors are required to provide at least one (1) large trash receptacle and heavy duty trash bags to help keep the Town Square clean or trash and debris. Trash bins must visible in front of the booth during market hours to accommodate general patron waste beyond your booth.

3. Plan to arrive 60 minutes prior to the market opening to allow ample time to set up and be ready to sell at 8:00AM. Please do not hesitate to call the Market Manager at 858-405-6086 to advise us that you are on your way if running late and we will do all we can to accommodate you entering the square to unload and setup.
Any vendor arriving after 8:00am will be turned away that day. Any tardy vendors will get whichever space is available, if permitted.

4. Tear down may begin at the end of market at 12:00pm and no earlier. If you run out of product before the end of the market, please place a “sold out” sign on your table and kindly wait until close to begin breaking down. Your cooperation will help ease congestion and ensure safety for all market attendees.

5. If you are serving samples, you must have a container of running water (not a bucket) to wash your hands. This is in accordance of the Teton County Health Department regulations.

6. Applicants are responsible for their own tables, chairs and backdrops, all of which are subject to JHFM approval.

7. Vendors may only sell perishable/food products included in their 2017 vendor application. Any new items must be approved by the Market Manager before sales are to be conducted. The JHFM Board may request farmer sourcing information including farm source, farmer name, farm location, and a contact number if, at the JHFM Board’s discretion, it has reason to believe that farm items are not directly sourced from a farmer.

8. Vendors must be able to make change for their customers. The JHFM booth will not be able to break down large bills or provide change. Please come prepared.

9. Booth displays are to be small in scale relative to total booth or tent size. Awnings or umbrellas are highly recommended due to sun/heat or rain. Be prepared for variable weather. An anchor system (water bags, etc.) is recommended to hold down booth tents in the event of high winds.

10. No use of vehicles or trailers will be allowed unless specifically approved by the JHFM Board. This is to ease congestion on the town square.

11. Vendors may only display claims that their products are "organically" or "bio-dynamically" raised if they have been certified through a standard third party certification organization (e.g. USDA, Demeter).

12. Prices for products must be displayed either on a board or on the products themselves.

13. If product prices are determined by weight, you are required to bring your own scale. The Farmers Market does not have this equipment and any scales used must have a current valid inspection seal from Weights and Measures.

14. No Vendor is permitted to conduct business of any kind outside of their assigned booth. This includes but is not limited to supplying product samples or marketing materials of any kind.

15. No Nuisance Behavior. To maintain a peaceful Farmers Market environment for all to enjoy, Vendors must refrain from "calling out", raising voices, and disturbing other vendors during Market hours.

16. The Jackson Hole Farmers Market on Town Square Board reserves the right to:
- Deny vendor participation in the event of vendor non-compliance with market requirements.
- Terminate any vendor that is non-compliant with market rules and requirements.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: 5:00 PM MST on May 28th, 2017!

I have carefully read the above terms required to participate in the 2017 Farmers Market on the Jackson Hole Town Square.
Please agree below to proceed to the following section of the application.
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