Leadership Application 2021-2022
Please take your time filling this out! When we type, we tend to be more informal-- but you should use correct grammar and sentence structure! This is how we get to know you, so you should take this seriously.

*Your GPA will be checked and will heavily weigh your application.
*Your referral history and number of unexcused absences/check-ins will be checked.
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The grade you will be in August, 2021. *
Club(s) you would like to be considered for:
Do you have space in your schedule for a leadership class elective? *
Do you intend to be a part-time or full-time Dual-Enrollment student next year? *
List 2 Tate teachers that you know would write a recommendation for you. One must be a CORE subject area teacher. *
List any TATE clubs/organizations you are part of. (Also note if you have an officer position in that club) *
List any TATE athletics or club/travel teams you are currently involved in, or plan to be part of in the '21-22 school year. *
If you have any, list any groups or organizations you belong to outside of Tate.
What do you do for community service? (Either for Tate or outside of school)
What is your favorite thing or event at Tate and why?
Why do you want to be in Tate Leadership?
While at school and in the classroom, how do you display leadership? List a specific example.
OUTSIDE of school and on Social Media, how do you think a Tate Leadership student should act?
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