Organisation needs: volunteer teachers
At refugeeEd, we aim to effectively match experienced teachers with organisations where they can make the most impact.

Filling in this form will help match your organisation's needs most effectively with the skills and specialisms of a teacher.

If your organisation also needs resources or materials make a note of this and either we or the volunteer teachers may be able to help.

It should only take 5 minutes!

Some teachers will be available short-term, in which case they can help you brainstorm ideas for a project you are developing and/or provide intensive training and mentoring. Teachers who are volunteering in their holidays may also be able to organise fundraisers for resources in their current school and partner up classes with the groups they visit to exchange letters, etc.

Others are available long-term, where they can contribute invaluable skills and expertise to your project.

Please see for more info.


Helen Brannigan
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What sort of teachers/professionals would be most useful for your organisation?
What developmental focus could you use help with?
E.g. developing an early years programme, ICT/computer science programme, behaviour management system, secondary maths or science programme, general teaching guidance......
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Please list any resources or materials you are trying to acquire.
E.g. Farsi books, tablets, maths equipment, mini white boards, small toy animals, English/Arabic dictionaries
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Would you be interested in an experienced teacher coming for 1-2 weeks to work with you and/or deliver training?
Please note many teachers are only able to commit to this length of time in their holidays. They agree to remain available for ongoing advice and support. They may also be able to fundraise in their current school, bring resources and/or partner a class with a group of students in Greece.
Which of the following trainings could be useful to your organisation?
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Would you be interested in a teacher volunteering for 1 month or more?
If possible, please give details of what projects/initiatives an experienced teacher could help you with if they came for a longer time.
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Can you provide support with accommodation, travel or a stipend?
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