Volunteer Trainer Application
Thank you for expressing interest in volunteering with Adaptive Training Foundation. Please answer the following questions so that we can get more familiar with who you are and what you'd like to get out of your engagement with us here at ATF.

Our next "Train the Trainer" session will begin before Class 15 on January 10th!

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You may check one, or all of the options below based on the schedule you're willing to commit to for the timeline in the description
Do you have any experience with adaptive athletes? *
This is not limited to physical/personal training. Feel free to include any education, certifications/qualifications, and/or work experience that make you a good fit for our mission. If you have a resume, please send it to Hunter Clark at hunter@adaptivetrainingfoundation.org.
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Are you comfortable being in a position to observe, learn, and apply/implement different methods of training in the gym? *
Do you feel capable of identifying/discussing an athlete’s emotional/mental health needs with both athlete and staff? *
Are you comfortable working with a team of trainers and assuming multiple roles throughout the class? *
We typically have a “team” of trainers for each athlete during the class. implementing programing, setting up workouts, recording and communicating results with team and staff, etc
What are your expectations as a trainer/volunteer? *
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Do you have any interested in becoming a Staff Trainer in the future? *
To become a staff trainer, the first step requires volunteering!
What is the best value you believe you bring to our athletes at ATF? *
Think outside the box, our priority at ATF is developing relationships!
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What would you like to gain from this experience? *
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What does it mean to you to be a part of a Tribe? *
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What is your favorite & least favorite Exercise? *
Obviously, there are no right or wrong answers! We just want to get to know you more!
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