Chicago Area PPE/Reagent/Personnel Availability
In order to combat potential shortages in PPE, reagents and personnel needed for expanding COVID-19 testing and care, we are taking inventory of PPE, reagents and personnel with extensive RT-PCR experience in case these become care and testing bottlenecks as the situation develops. Please see list of resources below your lab may be able to provide in an emergency. Please fill out one per lab (you can include multiple members interested in performing RT-PCR). This is not a binding commitment to donate, just an inventory collection if the resources are needed.
Swabs and viral media are critically needed. Let us know if you have:
Acceptable virus media:

Other acceptable viral transport media are:
COPAN’s Universal Transport Medium (COPAN-UTM)
BD universal viral transport (BD UVT)
HealthLink Universal Transport Medium (UTM)
Cepheid Xpert Nasopharyngeal Collection Kit for Viruses
Acceptable swabs:
Dry nylon flock Minitip
BD #220531

Only sterile Dacron® or rayon swabs should be used.
Do not use calcium alginate swabs as they may contain substances that inhibit PCR testing.
Wooden shaft swabs should not be used.
Please estimate the size of your lab stocks; we will rank by size and contact you if needed. Please contact if you have questions. (Form and formatting thanks to the Bay Area and Colorado reagent response team)

Individuals who are 18 years of age and older, with no major criminal offenses, are eligible to volunteer with the Cook County Medical Reserve Corps (CCMRC) providing all other requirements have been met in the membership process as prescribed by the CCMRC:

· Complete the Cook County Medical Reserve Corps Volunteer Application Form (

· Complete the Illinois HELPS Online Volunteer Registration (
Please provide primary contact information for coordinating within your lab. Institution:
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Contact Name:
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Lab Name (or PI name):
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How many RNA prep reactions does your lab have reagents for? (unopened)
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What types of kits are these?
I have additional RNA prep reactions available in already opened kits
How many reverse transcriptase reactions do you have (unopened)?
Your answer
I have additional RT reactions available in already opened kits
What kit types or part numbers are these?
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How many boxes of gloves do you have?
Your answer
How many gowns do you have?
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How many face masks (N95s) do you have?
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How many face shields or eye protection do you have?
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How many unopened bottles of ethanol do you have?
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How many bottles of RNAse/ RNAzap or comparable products does your lab have?
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How many sterile cotton-tipped swabs (BD #220531) do you have? See above for alternatives.
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How much virus collection media do you have? See above for accepted types.
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What kinds of virus collection media? (will update with approved catalog number when confirmed)
Do you have access to a QuantStudio 3 Real Time PCR Machine?
Other available resources and comments:
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Do you have extensive experience with RT-PCR and interested in helping perform tests if needed?
Please provide the emails of those with extensive RT-PCR experience interested in helping (comma separated please):
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