LAYLA Journal - Vol 4 Submissions
As Salaam Alaykum!

Thank you for your interest in submitting to LAYLA Journal Volume 4: Fatima, Lady of Light. This journal will focus on poetry, art, and short stories inspired by the life of Lady Fatima (as).
This volume is part of a series titled Women of Paradise, that will cover Lady Fatima (a), Lady Maryam (a), Lady Khadija (a), and Lady Asiyah (a).

This volume will focus on the life of Lady Fatimah bint Muhammad (a). She is the daughter of the last Prophet of Allah, the wife of Imam Ali (a), and the Leader of the women of paradise. See more information at our website:

In order to help our contributors, we have gathered links to events that we believe are important but not as well known or difficult to find authentic sources on. We are giving extra consideration to works based on one of the following:

Lady Khadijah’s death (pg 18)
Hadith e Kisa (pg 52)
Tasbih story (pg 36)
Charity to the Poor (pg 29)
Knocking on doors
Fadak (pg 149)

Be sure to PROOFREAD your documents before submitting. Entries with many grammatical errors will be sent back to the writer.

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