Arisia 2019 LARP Moderator Submission Form
This is the form for submitting a request to run a Live Action Role Playing game or scenario at Arisia 2019. If you are interested in running multiple sessions over the course of Arisia 2019, we ask that you fill out this form for each session, and number each entry in the name of the LARP. (e.g. Fusion 1, Fusion 2, etc.)
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Please keep the Title of your game between 10 and 40 Characters Long.
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System under which it's being run
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Type of LARP
Genre of LARP
You can select more than one
Level of Continuation
from One Shot to Part of Continuing Story
Paragraph Description of LARP *
This will be going into the program guide. Please keep it under 500 Characters long (This maximum is set by our print production system)
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Short blurb for the LARP *
For the website, please keep the message short and sweet. No longer than 250 characters (This maximum is set by our print production system)
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What Movie Rating would you give your LARP? *
Minimum Number of Players *
Absolute minimum number that can show up and you still run your game
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Materials Required
What should Participants bring
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Materials Required from Arisia / Special needs
What set up would you like the con to provide for the room? If you have an idea of how you want tables and chairs set up, please add that.
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Is there anything Arisia should know that you don't necessarily want the players to know?
Like "I list this as Steampunk, but it's really Cthulu Horror" or "We want to send players around the Con looking for clues"
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