1/10/12, 3 PM EST Webinar-Making Sense of Reading Teacher Education Research with IRA President Vicki Risko

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IRA President Vicki Risko-- Making Sense of Reading Teacher Education Research and Prospects for Future Research.
January 10, 2012, 3 pm - 4:30 pm
Join this insider perspective on teacher education research and the body of evidence that supports particular aspects of reading teacher education. Teacher education is being assailed by numerous outsiders. This discussion covers the substantial evidence supporting valuable elements of reading teacher education, including apprenticeship models and tutoring with guided feedback. At the same time, we will note areas where additional research is needed such as, among others, preparing teachers for multicultural and urban settings, and the need for robust and multi-site studies. Will include: Background of studies; Findings focusing on beliefs, knowledge, and pedagogy; Patterns across studies; Conclusions and recommendations. We will email you the webinar log-in information.
Questions the presenters will ask of you at the webinar:
• What is the hard stuff that you teach?
• How do you prepare teachers to be sensitive and responsive to differences?
• Who is an educated teacher?
• What should new teachers know?
• How can you prepare teachers for cognitive dissonance?
• What can we do?

Additional panelists: Rita Bean, Linda Wold, Carrice Cummins
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