A chocolate sale to help support genomic integrity research
A super holiday gift - artisanal 'grand cru' chocolates from Gruyère - is on sale to fundraise for our public association, AGiR! Action for Genomic integrity through Research! (www.genomicintegrity.org)

Genomic integrity, the concept putting together all the dynamic molecular genetic details of our cells, is now 12 years old, and the association AGiR! will have its 8th General Assembly meeting on 25Feb 19h30CET.

Your purchase of chocolates can help AGiR! continue providing information and promoting research, the main goals of the association. We hope to help everyone understand why some risks are problematic (and could be readily avoided) for public health.

Please spread the word by telling your friends about this chocolate sale!
(Pour commander en français - https://forms.gle/ddEVonCqmrPZoeBx5)
Genomic integrity is dynamic, and we can help protect it!
Would you like to order special chocolates to help support AGiR! ?
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25g mini-bars of 'Chocolat Grand Cru' - example from M Uldry in Gruyère
the batches he makes are always absolutely delicious...
Maybe you have you even tasted these amazing chocolates before? (2018 Women in Science gift bags, 2019 sale, gift from a friend, other?)
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Would you like to participate in the General Assembly meeting, via zoom? If yes, we can send you the link, for 25Feb 19h30 CET.
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How many of the CHF 10 (2 bar) or CHF 20 (5 bar) packages do you want to order? Shipping is included for orders in Switzerland. (We'll get back to you with the shipping price for international orders.)
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Maybe you have heard about our flyer campaign, to raise awareness of readily avoidable risks to our genomic integrity? It's now available in 14 languages!
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We also have an old project idea around chocolate and genomic integrity, by the way, which we talked about already back in 2016, when we had a chocolate taste test at the open public lab Hackuarium! Here is some information about the participative research project: It should be done 'double blind' on numerous participants with two 'identical' chocolates that only differ in the levels of certain compounds thought to be good for our cells, flavanols. First, we would need to determine levels of these compounds, which requires outsourced analyses (expensive!). Then, we would make small tablets of both sorts, for controlled chocolate consumption by participants (who would not be sure if they had the high or low version of the dark chocolate). Ultimately, we would use a classic method to assess levels of DNA damage, like the micronucleus assay, depicted below, to first determine baseline levels and then find out whether effects on our own cells are observed after some time of regular consumption (2 weeks?). We'd love to hear what you think of this idea, get your input and know if you would want to participate! For more information, see: http://wiki.hackuarium.ch/w/AGiR!_for_genomic_integrity#Really_fun_initial_citizen_science_trial_-_testing_chocolate.27s_effects_on_genomic_integrity
Nucleosomes by Drew Berry, zooming in much further from the cellular level in the above image to the sub-nuclear level here! (from the AGiR! art call! see also: http://www.genomicintegrity.org/art-call)
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