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Please answer all the following questions so we can make the best tzvatim for Machaneh as possible!

Please note that although we will try our hardest to give you your first choice, this is not a guaranteed, as we want the strongest possible tzvatim.

Please fill in your correct details so we can get in touch with you.

Please do not pick the same choice for all three, e.g: 1) Geshem, 2) Geshem, 3) Geshem.
Please do not pick the same choice more than once. e.g: 1) Geshem 2) Geshem 3) Sheleg

If you are a first-time madrich/a, you cannot choose Keshet.
If you have any siblings that will be in any shichavot, please do not choose those.

Thank you

Netzer South Africa
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If you do not want to be a maddie, but still want to be involved on camp, please let us know what you would like to do:
If you would like to be a Rosh of a Shichvah, please indicate a minimum of 2 you would like to Rosh. Please, also write a mini-motivational paragraph that will help us consider.
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