Elder Justice League Membership
The Elder Justice League Mission and Vision:
To strengthen the elder justice movement by presenting a united front dedicated to building awareness of elder abuse across social media platforms. (Please refer to the EJL Fact sheet).
Time Commitment:
The Elder Justice League meets for 1 hour, on the second Friday of the meeting month. Members are expected to attend at least half of the meetings to remain in good standing. The meeting will be cancelled if there are no more than 3 member agencies able to attend. Other communications take place via a Google Group.
Membership Requirements:
- Be part of a not for profit organization or government agency, no private businesses
- The Elder Justice League is not a platform for advertising or brand promotion
- By joining the Elder Justice League , members commit to participate actively to the growth of the League (through occasional surveys, joint social media campaigns and meetings participation)
Full Members :
Attend 2/4 Meetings a year; partake in decision making around the Elder Justice League Facebook page and any related materials and campaigns
Supporting Members:
Attend at least 1/4 meetings per year; promote EJL Facebook page, EJL campaigns and EJL Materials
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