Your bakery survey (1 page takes only 5 minutes to fill out)
Dear podcast listeners and fellow bakers,

I've been baking for a couple years and am just at the point of taking the leap to renting a location or investing in a bakery truck to expand my bakery project, and I'm really curious about your experience, especially when it comes to logistics of your bakery.

I haven't had the chance to visit many small scale bakeries, and I'm really grateful if you would share information about your operation.

I'm especially curious about the viability of building a bakery truck, which I imagine as a large food truck where 300+ breads can be baked in a day.

Currently I bake about 150 breads once a week using about 8 square meters (86 square feet) of bakery space with a ROFCO oven (.75 square meters of baking space) (not including the selling space)

I'll look forward to sharing the results of this survey, so if you would like to receive a mail with the results and any insights I get out of this survey, please also include your e-mail address.

Thanks for your time and a big thanks to Mark with the Rise Up Bakery podcast, it's a really inspiring bakery project I'm so happy I stumbled across a few weeks ago. Take care!

Name / Bakery
E-mail address
How often do you bake?
Oven Type
# of breads / day
Size of the Bakery (production space)
Size of the Bakery (selling space)
Includes a coffee bar/restaurant space
Oven space / bake
Average bakes / day
How many people work / day
Do you offer a delivery option?
Anything which make your bakery different?
Thanks for taking the time! If you wish to share any pictures of the production space I'd be super grateful to get some insights into the layout of the baking space.
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