New Student Application Form for the Korean Language Course (Adults) 2021
You are now applying for the Korean Language Course, which is Korean School of Amsterdam's curriculum for non-native speakers. Please read the terms and conditions well before applying.

By submitting this form, you are registering yourself for the next semester at the Korean School.
Please read our terms and conditions well.

The current application is for February 2021 - June 2021 semester (First lesson day: February 6, 2021) and will be given online through

IMPORTANT: This form is intended for new students. Due to the global outbreak of the Covid-19 in February 2020, we were not able to start the 2020 March semester. As such we only have limited places available.
Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions
A). Course requirements

1. Korean Language Course at the Korean School of Amsterdam is open for all adults, irrespective of nationality, age and fluency in Korean.

2. The students must pass the final examination at the end of each semester to proceed to the next course level, plus attend at least ⅔ of the total lesson hours to gain a course level certificate. (Not applicable to Children’s Class)

3. You will be expected to do 2 to 3 hours of self-study/homework a week.

4. The students are to inform the school or the teacher in case of absence in advance. In case of absence, the student is required to study the contents of the missed lesson at home.

5. Lesson Fee: €250,- per semester (half year)

6. Study books can be purchased at the link below. controller=search&orderby=position&orderway=desc&search_query=active+korean

You can also by study books at the school from Jan. 23. every saturday (one book for each student), Please note that it may be subject to change depending on the current pandemic situation without further notice.

B). Application procedure and conditions

7. Registration: you can only register online via our website ( Registration is valid for one semester (half year) after which you will be given the choice to re-register for another semester. If you have trouble registering online, please visit our school (Teacher’s room; only open on Saturdays) or contact us by email.

8. The registration period starts normally 6 weeks before each semester (Dec/Jan and /Jul/Aug) and closes 1 week before. See ‘School Agenda’ on our website for the exact starting dates of each semester. Registration is accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, subject to availability of places.

9. Open days: there is one open day in January and one in June (See ‘School Agenda’ for exact dates). Prospective students may ask questions to student helpers and/or join a short introductory course about the Korean Language. Unfortunately we may not be able to organize an open day for February semester this time.

10. Payment: has to be made within 7 days of submitting the application form. This can be done by bank transfer or cash payment at school. Registration is only complete when your payment is confirmed by the school, for which you will receive a confirmatory email.

11. If the lesson fee is not paid within 7 days, your application will be cancelled (with email notice) and you will have to submit a new application form. In this case, you will be placed further down the applicant list.

C). After your registration is complete (i.e. tuition fee payment is made)

12. Withdrawal and reimbursement of course fees: after applying and making the payment, a place is reserved for you on the appropriate course. Withdrawal of your registration is then no longer possible, even if you choose not to attend the lessons. This also applies to students who, for whatever reason, are in the Netherlands only on a temporary basis. Withdrawal for other commitments, even if these were not known at the time of registration, is not possible.

13. Illness: In the case of severe health-related problems that prevents your further study at the Korean School, it is possible to withdraw and receive a reimbursement that is proportional to the number of remaining lessons in the semester. It is also possible to let somebody else participate on your behalf, given that the semester has not yet begun, and given that there is a place in the course level that person wishes to apply to. A condition is that the student needs to verify the authenticity of his/her health claim by submitting a doctor’s letter to the school administration.

14. Course level selection: if you already have some knowledge of Korean, you may start at a higher level than Beginners 1. In this case, you must pass an online level test. This will be sent to you within a few days by email if you have applied for Beginners 2 or higher. You may make the lesson fee payment after you have acknowledged the results of the level test.

15. Changing your course level after the start of the semester: is possible within the first two weeks (lessons) of the course if the course level appears to be unsuitable for you, provided there is place in the group that the student wishes to move to and only after consultation with your teacher.

16. The Korean School of Amsterdam reserves the right to cancel courses in the rare case there are not enough participants. We will do our best to provide a suitable alternative in another group. If these alternatives are not agreeable the total course fee will be reimbursed within 14 days.

17. Maximum capacity and waiting list: In the case there are too many applicants for a course level, the rule is first-come, first-served. If the course level has reached its maximum capacity, you will be put on a waiting list and notified when a place comes free, before the start of the semester. Prospective students on the waiting list will gain priority in the registration period for the next semester. Withdrawing from the waiting list can be done by sending an email to []. If you have paid, the total course fee will be reimbursed within 14 days.

D). Miscellaneous

18. Important announcements and newsletters will be sent to students by email.

19. All administrative questions should be directed to the school in writing (email).

20. The Korean School of Amsterdam is not able to assist in arranging visas or accommodation.
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You are required to pay the tuition fee within 7 days of submitting this re-registration form. Your registration will be considered complete only when we have confirmed your payment. You will be given access to the lessons when your payment is confirmed.

In case of internet banking, please transfer the amount to NL72 KOEX 0270 3054 32 Korean School Foundation (Indicate your registered name and your new course level).
You may also opt for cash payment at the teachers' room.
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