Nowhere 2024 Consent Incident Report Form
Any Nowhere Participants may report any incident in which another participant is behaving in an abusive, intimidating, threatening, or unsafe manner and consequently questioning the initial commitment to respect the Participant Code of Conduct which all participants agree to when purchasing a Nowhere ticket.

1- ON SITE :

This form is checked by the Consent Response Lead, every day 

In case of emergency
  • A NoMad or any person(s) around can help 
  • Malfare is open 24/7 to assist with safety and medical issues confidentially.

  • On your request, the Malfare Lead can call a Safer Space Volunteer at any time to support you in the Safer Space private cabin.

  • Welfare Enough is open 24/7 to assist with emotional challenges in confidentiality
Every day from 16:30 to 18:30 - The Safer Space welcome area between Malfare & Welfare Enough. The Safer Space is a secure place specifically designed for listening to you without being disturbed. You can have a confidential support talk in a dedicated cabin, with a qualified volunteer


By November following the event, each report collected will be checked for eligibility, and may result in the opening of a Consent Committee session.

The goal of a Consent Committee session is NOT to determine guilt or innocence … but to define with both parties how to protect our community from any other reported breach of the Participant Code of Conduct and ensure the community’s ability to hold our events.

Eligibility criteria for reports to result in the opening of a Consent Committee session:

  • The report is submitted directly by a participant impacted by a breach of the Participant Code of Conduct and this person explicitly agreed for a session to happen about their report.
  • The event happened on site, at any other official Nowhere event, or on any official Nowhere social media or online space. 
  • The event happened between two or more participants in possession of tickets for the same Nowhere event 
  • The report is classified as Orange or Red in the Scale.
  • The reportee is identified.
If your report matches those criteria (and you gave us a contact), the Consent Committee will send you an email, by Novenber, to 1)  get your agreement about opening a session and 2) adjust with you the level of disclosure you would agree for, in the chat the 3 Consent Committee members in charge would have later with the person of concern.

3- WHAT ABOUT A REPORT OF BEHAVIORS THAT DON'T MATCH THE CRITERIA because they happened off site and out of any Nowhere online space ?

The Consent Committee is taking seriously any report but it is outside the Consent Committee remit to decide anything about someone, based on behaviors that have occurred outside of the event.

However if two people (even more if they do not know each other) report a person as having been directly problematic with them,

1) We would quicker escalate to the "Problematic Participant Protocol" in case of any onsite report about this same participant. (meaning a formal chat with them, and their eviction in the balance if relevant according to the context)

2) We could decide (with your agreement), to greet the person reported as problematic when they arrive, informing them they are watched and we expect not to hear about any problems with them, otherwise they could be evicted immediately considering the information we already have about them.

3) You would be welcome at any time at the Safer Space, to get the emotional support you could need.


All volunteers involved in the Nowhere Consent Response (Consent Response leads / Safer Space Crew / Consent Committee Members) have signed a Written Agreement To Maintain Confidentiality.  

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Your Name
Report anonymously *only* if you are sure, you do not wish to have any follow up
Be aware that anonymous reports cannot be eligible for any Consent Committee session / will only be used for statistics

Please enter preferred contact details on site and (can be different) off site
eg: email, phone number for a classic phone call, whatsapp, signal or Telegram or by email or through FB/Messenger
If this is not you that has been bothered 
Name of the  person directly impacted   (only if you got this person's explicit agreement to give their name)
Contact of the  person directly impacted   (only if you got this person's explicit agreement to give their contact)
Barrio of freecamping area of the person directly impacted   (only if you got this person's explicit agreement to give their camping location)
Name of the person who behaved problematically
 if you know it
Physical details helping to recognize the person who behaved problematically 
You can also give us any physical detail, you would remember if you don't know the name of the person. However it is ok if you don not remember anything, this is part of the injury you go through, nothing you should blame yourself for, right ?
Barrio of freecamping area of  the person who behaved problematically   if by chance, you know it
Please note the date and time, if possible, when the incident took place.
f you're reporting several instances, please enter a time range and note any specific instances in the narrative.
Where did the incident or incidents take place? *
Were bystanders present when the incident(s) occurred? *
If yes, please specify if you are acquainted with them should the investigators need to reach out to them with your approval. Include email addresses if possible and appropriate. We will not contact anyone without discussing the case with you first.
Please describe the incident(s)
Témoignage en Français possible (La Consent Response Lead étant française)

Ok to be recontacted by November

If a contact is given and if the report is eligible for a Consent Committee follow up

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The Consent Committee is on hiatus from June 15 till the end of September Malfare / No-Mads / Safer Space / Welfare Enough are available, 24/7 on site, to support you if necessary.
The Consent Committee will not pursue legal action, however if you were to do so on your own, all recorded communication received by the Consent Committee (starting with this report) can be subpoenaed under certain circumstances.
Anything else you would like to share with us before a first contact (such as your native language, for instance)
In 2024 The  Consent Committee members are  KreveTTe, Ella,  Daniel, Lexa,  Milena, Nurse, Ribalito and Tamara
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