Coffee + Creatives Survey
At over 700 members, the Coffee + Creatives group has grown significantly in the last year. Whether you’re here for the job postings or the community vibes, we want to know how we’ve been able to help you! Thanks in advance, and, it's a very short survey that can be completed in ~2 mins =)
How many posts from Coffee + Creatives have resulted in you getting that job/gig? Enter a number.
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How many grants or fellowships have you applied to via a Coffee +Creatives? Enter a number.
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How much money have you received from jobs/gigs/grants/funding opportunities you applied to via a Coffee + Creatives post? Enter an amount.
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Please rate how helpful Coffee + Creatives has been in helping you find a job/gig/grant/fellowship/funding opportunity:
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How many workshops, fellowships, trainings, or other events that you saw advertised on C+C have you participated in? Enter a number
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Have you connected with a new mentor, collaborator, or partner through Coffee + Creatives?
Coffee + Creatives makes me feel supported in my creative practice and/or business.
Please rate the impact that Coffee + Creatives has had on your creative practice.
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Have you attended a Coffee + Creatives in-person meetup?
If you could attend an in-person Coffee + Creatives meetup, would you?
How likely are you to recommend Coffee + Creatives to another creative?
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Have you invited others to join Coffee + Creatives?
How often do you read the posts on Coffee + Creatives?
How often do you post on Coffee + Creatives?
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